Low Cost House: container modules for a home


In South Korea, a family of seven stood behind the development of an ingenious project with a very tight budget. A single-story home of 100sqm was carefully designed with various prefabricated materials. Recycled shipping containers assume the main role in the construction, minimizing time and waste of material. A pitched roof structure shelters a composition of three container modules: one for the service areas – kitchen and bathroom – while the other two serve as living and sleeping areas. Continue reading

House Re: a modern prefab family home in Slovenia


Environment always has a crucial role in architecture: House Re proves how this vital element can also obtain the best architectonic result. In Vrhnika, Slovenia there’s a two-story prefab home of 307sqm perfectly rooted within a forest landscape. A pitched roof volume seems to erupt from a sloped site in a very eloquent way – almost like one of the numerous trees that surround the entire perimeter of this contemporary family home. Continue reading

De Lemos Wine Showroom: winding pathways on a rugged hillside


De Lemos Wine Showroom in Viseu, Portugal offers wine tasting surrounded by an overwhelming landscape. This remarkable concrete building perfectly blends with the rugged topography. The ingenious conceptual approach of the architect Carvalho Araujo was using glass walls that angle back and forth to generate a winding plan, which carves its way through the rugged silhouette of the rocky hillside. Continue reading

House on a Warehouse: Living on a pedestal



In Chicharo, Portugal, an 80’s warehouse was the starting point for a new approach to a conventional domestic brief. The concept was quite simple: designing an independent box volume that will rest over the existing structure. With a gentle ramp leading to the front door, carefully positioned between a pine and a centennial olive tree, the new house enjoys an elevated vantage point with great views from every room. Continue reading

House in Vila Boim: living among oak and olive trees in Portugal


House in Vila Boim, a weekend home in Alentejo, Portugal, turns traditional values into innovative architectonic solutions. Local materials and traditional techniques, such as white stucco walls and ceramic tile roofing, were used as the main source to obtain the perfect blend between architecture and nature. At first glimpse, this contemporary home seems to deceive us for its integrity and similarity with the surrounding architecture. A second look proves otherwise… Continue reading

Boisset House: capturing the Alps in a tiny chalet


What was once a tiny 16sqm chalet of a family of farmers has been totally renovated. Located in Orsieres, Switzerland and developed by Savio Fabrizzi, this small traditional alpine house has been transformed into a contemporary holiday home in the Swiss alps. Continue reading

Casa de Bloques: small concrete weekend home in Uruguay


A small concrete weekend home close to the sea in La Pedrera, Uruguay. Interesting… This compact single story house of 96sqm rests quietly beneath a dense eucalyptus forest. The distribution of the program follows a simple scheme: an exterior deck area precedes the entrance to a small interior space which consists of two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living-dining room. Simple. Continue reading

Mesocore Homes: a new kind of prefab


As an Eco-friendly architecture buff I was glad to hear about a new kind of prefab called Mesocore Homes. It’s actually an interesting hybrid combo consisting of a shipping container and prefabricated components. This unique house ships as a 20′ container, but once placed at the final building site it expands to a 1000 sq ft green sustainable home with off the grid capabilities. Continue reading

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Namhae House Renovation: a metallic suit Facade


Would you believe me if I told you this was once a dull brick house? A pragmatic solution was needed to transform the old brick house into something brilliant that is linked to its rural environment. Joho Architecture was the team behind Namhae House Renovation in South Korea – and what an amazing renovation it turned out to be! Continue reading

House of Awa-cho: 7 square-shaped houses = home


Picture yourself living inside a series of 7 square-shaped houses – all arranged in a circle! How peculiar… In Tokushima, Japan an unconventional project by Container Design translates this unpredictable spatial circumstance. A total area of 725sqm is disposed under a radial alignment of different pitched volumes, each one adjoined to its neighbor at the corner. It’s like having your own personal neighborhood as a private home. Continue reading