Lookout House

Simple typology extruded to new levels creates a brilliant home focused on spectacular views. Room 11 architects designed this modern residence for a gently sloping coastal site in Port Arthur, Australia. For their semi-retired-couple clients, the home’s design is extremely private at the entrance. Clad in vertically oriented timber, the façade of the triple gabled house is permeated only by an elongated hexagonal window. Black steel track reveals the nearly hidden sliding door. Deep roof overhangs, also clad in wood, cast a dramatic anticipation for those about to enter. Continue reading


Le 49

Two stacked and overlapping white rectangles rest on the top of Mount Kamakura in Japan, overlooking Sagami Bay’s stunning vistas. APOLLO Architects & Associates designed the sleek modern home for a husband and wife who left behind the bustling city life of downtown Tokyo. Continue reading


La Luge

This secluded weekend retreat in Quebec is all about enjoying the area’s winter sports. YH2 Architecture took cues from its log cabin ancestors in clarity, warmth, and materials to create a modern getaway for all group sizes. Continue reading


La Grange

In Charlevoix, Quebec, a modern farmhouse is defined by the subtraction of space. MU Architecture designed the 3,400 sq.ft. family home for an idyllic rolling site overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Based on barn typology, the three-story home is a tall and slender version. Extracting volumes from the rectangle at the entrance and terraces emphasizes the elegant geometry. By changing the metal siding to white cedar these subtractions create a surprising balance, lightness, and harmonious contrast. It’s intriguing how dark siding wraps just one side of the balcony over the entrance. Glass railing protects the river side and maintains the views. Continue reading


Edison Residence

Near McGill University in Montreal, KANVA architects designed an infill project that bridges the past with the present. The site, formerly occupied by a 19th century historic stone home, fell victim to a fire in the early 1900s. Proximity to the university made student housing a logical choice for this urban revitalization project.
In this heritage zone locale, only masonry could be used as an exterior material. Inspired by the past, the architects sought a method for the 9,000 sq.ft. building itself to tell a story. Continue reading


Individual House

Elodie Nourrigat et Jacques Brion architectes nestled a dramatic Individual House, comprised of three separate elements, in to a steeply sloped country side in France. At 170 sq.m., the home’s scale is reduced by its site placement and nearly independent elements. Continue reading


Tres House

This facade, with its web-like organic lattice is the show stopper of this modern home in Boca del Rio, near the Port of Veracruz, Mexico. Yet behind the facade lies a cleverly designed, by Gerardo Ars Arquitectura, home of 220 sq.m., for a family of five. Continue reading


Royal Wolf Outdoor Room

One of Australasia’s largest container provider, Royal Wolf, has launched a new lifestyle product called Outdoor Room. It’s actually a traditional shipping container transformed into an extra living space, whether a home office or retreat, studio or guestroom.

It’s certainly not the first container conversion we’ve seen however it is the first initiative, at least that I know of, of a large container provider, and in my opinion this is great news. Hopefully this initiative will further promote this affordable and portable accommodation solution. Continue reading



I look at many prefabricated tiny homes and these have taken top billing! PodHouses come delivered to you in your choice of three sizes, from just under seven to nearly twelve sq.m. Models include the Menhir, Cauma, and Plaun. Portal can be added to Cauma and Plaun for weather protection and a tiny terrace. What they have in common is a charming arched structure with highly insulated walls and roof. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood – larch outside and pine inside – pair with double glazed windows and doors. Iron beams support the floor and ease your on-site installation and future moving. Continue reading


The Star House

Driven by intense requirements of privacy and sea views in every room, AGi designed a modern holiday home to accommodate a family and their guests. In Kuwait and sited where the desert meets the water, the house’s 5,000 sq.m. size is revealed only through exploration of the interior and the grounds. Continue reading