The Crib at Strathmore: a small prefab refuge of your own


I must warn you that you will feel a strong desire to own one of these cribs. And there’s a model for every one to be used just as you wish. The Crib is an environmentally responsible, prefab kit building of 250 square feet. It’s shaped like a traditional farm building used to store corn, a corn crib. The similarities end there. This Crib built on the grounds of Strathmore, a performance venue in Bethesda, Maryland, is used as an art studio, a gallery, and a lab. Continue reading


Komazawa Park House: small space and light


The addition and transformation of this house in a dense neighborhood in Japan is genius! Architects Mizuki Imamura and Isao Shinohara created a bright spacious home through masterful manipulation of light and volume. Their 72 sq. m. home is closely surrounded by other houses and the lot on the back side will soon be occupied with a new building. Space and light are at a premium here. Continue reading

Essence Festival 2009

The Pool Box: steel container reborn as a stylish pool

We’ve already seen shipping containers converted into houses, cabins and offices, however this time the direction is even simpler yet so cool, especially in the summertime.

This pool is refreshing on so many levels. In its previous life the 22’ x 7’ steel container was a dumpster. New Orleans based architect Stefan Beese transformed it in to a luxurious and able-to-be-relocated swimming pool. The 30 cubic yard container was not only recycled but reborn with style. Continue reading


The Rieteiland House: a gorgeous architect’s home

Have you ever wondered what architects’ homes look like? As an architect myself, I do too! And few of us design professionals take the opportunity to create our very own. So I’m thrilled to share with you the Amsterdam home that architect Hans van Heeswijk designed for his family. Continue reading


Pump House: weekend retreat for a couple and their horse


What began as a wish for a shed to house a water pump and farm equipment ultimately evolved in to a self-sufficient, no frills, just nature weekend retreat for a couple and their horse. Situated close to a dam, the idyllic uncomplicated home celebrates simplicity in form and materials. Continue reading


Forest House in the city: life inside a diamond


In Toyokawa, Japan there’s a white inhabitable diamond called the Forest House. This two-story building of 140sqm captures our attention for its unusual shape and volume. The house was stretched across its rectangular site in order to generate space for small gardens filled with trees beside each wall. This ingenious design explores a fresh approach to conventional architectural boundaries. Continue reading


Gueto House: depicting a giant centipede


This two-story building in Pucon, Chile seems to evoke the image of a giant centipede for its sloped roof silhouette and dense wooden structure that elevates the house. In fact, the volume is completely clad with larch shingles creating a powerful organic presence, while the irregular geometry of the roof contributes to a mysterious sensation of slow motion movements… Continue reading


House of Shimamoto: clear sign of privacy


House of Shimamoto by Container Design makes the most of a tiny site in Osaka, Japan. We’re talking about a two-story building with a compact space of only 86sqm that puts to the test the real meaning of ‘Small is Beautiful’. An L-shaped plan organizes the program in a sequential spatial order: the front door is placed away from the street while the facade has almost no windows – both emphasizing a clear sign of privacy. Continue reading


House D: glazed pedestal awash in green


Picture yourself relaxing in a comfortable living room with a splendid view over a verdant land with mature fruit trees. That’s House D! This two-story building in Switzerland makes the most of an incredible natural landscape. A pitched roof volume appears to hang over a glazed pedestal – an ingenious strategy to minimize the impact of the building in such a green context. Continue reading


D Residence: traditional or contemporary?


In Lengau, Austria, a complex of two old rural houses has been transformed by LP Architektur into a place of retreat, while keeping the delicate fusion of traditional and new values. The bigger building shelters the main house while the old stable functions as the guest house. Continue reading