Cup Sofa and Armchair: avant-garde


This piece of furniture should be placed in the center of a room, I mean look at it – it’s totally avant-garde! In my opinion, it would be a design crime to hide it against a wall, as it needs to be the center of attention and a conversation starter. Continue reading

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Onigri: the art of unwrapping


Onigri is a Japanese rice ball, formed into triangular or oval shapes, often wrapped in Nori seaweed. Toronto-based designer, Greg Moogk, was inspired by this traditional Japanese snack, as he wanted to replicate the experience of unwrapping an object. Continue reading

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Electric Table: Plug-in Baby


By incorporating a simple circuit to a generously-sized table, LoFi studio has produced a desk that will clear-out the ‘adaptor family’ growing in your office. Without attempting to hide the inevitable (let’s be honest, we need wires in this day and age), Electric Table makes the whole process of charging and socket hunting easier and better looking. Continue reading

Babylon tower desk: collapsible desk


Inspired by the famous 16th century painting by Pieter Bruegel, this piece of furniture is pretty innovative and cool actually. When assembled, it serves as a personal space to gather one’s things and thoughts. When taken apart – as with the original Tower of Babel – it collapses into a flat pack. Oh, and did we mention invisible magnetic screws are involved? Continue reading

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Bed’nTable: redefine your private living space


An experiment in fusing function and form has resulted in a unique interior design of a bed and a table, hence the name Bed’nTable. This multi-functional combination, by Dutch designer Erik Griffioen, serves as a new space to relax, sleep, work and eat, redefining your private living space. Continue reading

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Snug: a space I can call my own


Snug is a unique floor cushion with a twist! You can sit on it or inside it… Designed by Kumeko, Snug allows you to be social while sitting with friends or quite private while enclosed with a good book inside a snugly space you can call your own. Continue reading

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Rescued Chair: brightly colored


The re-imagined design of the rescued chair by Nina Tolstrup from Studiomama will bring a splash of color to your interior decor. This series of brightly colored re-upholstered chairs combines the idea of resourcefulness and reinvention, bringing the designer’s ability to see the potential in the overlooked and unloved. Continue reading

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Pipeknots: simply inspiring


What can you possibly do with a couple of steel pipes and wood rods? Ask Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa who created Pipeknots. This collection is based upon exploring the combination of the softness of wood with the stiffness of three welded steel pipes, all joined and fixed with dowels driven into mortises. How amazingly simple, beautiful, and inspiring? Continue reading

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Cruise writing desk by Italian Meridiani


Elegance is often tricky to achieve. When designing furniture, it’s a characteristic to pursue unconditionally. Italian company Meridiani managed well in designing this beautiful writing desk, named Cruise, combining elegance with function. A statement presence in any living space, in both cases of it being part of a separate working room or included in a larger living area. Continue reading

Slim Office: a perfect fit


Whether you work from home like I do, or would just like to have an elegant office corner as part of your living area, the Slim office by studio Bertjan is a choice to highly consider for its beauty and well thought of functionality.

A table originally designed to serve as a dining table was dressed up for the office and the Slim office was born. Simple, chic while having every comfort an office needs, such as drawers and a matching wall panel and trash bin, attached to the office’s leg by a magnet. What an ingenious detail you may exclaim much like I did. Wait till you hear more: the accompanying drawers can be moved freely and attached under the office’s surface just about anywhere it suits you and easily change the position thanks to the magnet system holding them together. Talk about innovative design! Continue reading