Flip: a small table on the side


Living in a small space? Don’t fret, as you won’t need to compromise when it comes to high quality pieces of furniture. Think multi functional and space saving! Just like Flip – a foldable side table both for indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading


Banquette tea bench: Perfectly brewed


Four cushions piled on a low wooden table, wrapped with two leather belts – so simple, yet so attractive. Perfectly formed for tea (or other beverage) lovers with a small space, a great garden, or wanderlust. The Banquette tea bench is a Japanese inspired pale wooden portable coffee table and seats in cream linen. The table is in keeping with smooth Scandinavian carpentry, featuring a drawer and grooves for the belts to fit. What’s more – when all wrapped up it’s a great stool seat alone. Continue reading


Eclipse nesting tables: temporarily obscured


Organic forms and design attract me particularly. The Eclipse nesting tables, designed by Jon Gasca in 2009 and available at Stua, are a great example. Inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, the designer aimed at allowing personal expression, offering his own vision of the classic nesting tables.

Four tables with different surface shapes, sizes and heights that can all be stored one under the other. The smaller ones can disappear under the immediate larger ones just as an eclipse would do. When there is need they can be brought out, being arranged just according to each specific situation. The combinations and possibilities are endless. Continue reading


Nautica swing chair: A Must for My Future Summer House


The dream of finding and owning a summer house somewhere at a corner of the world where the sun shines and the ocean is but a step away has begun demanding immediate gratification. As I browse through places and objects, there are these ones I must note down, cause they embrace just perfectly my heart’s desires and my decorative visions.

Needless to say that a swing chair is a must on the list. A sofa can wait, usual chairs can wait. We can sit on pillows or poufs but a swinging chair is a must. For the sense of freedom it offers, for the ability to take you back to days of childhood innocence and carefree. Nautica swing chair by Mut Design made me feel that the potential perfect chair for my future summer house has been finally found. Continue reading


LD120 Laptop Dock Speaker: The Death of the Single-Function Desk


Power cables are abundant and cluttering. The number of our devices grows, and meters of wire accumulate. Laptop speakers are too weak, and really clear, durable speakers are too big. Desks tend to take up too much space, and their size seems disproportionate to their function. Either they were just excited to experiment with the idea, or La Boite Concept was thinking of all these impediments to the modern workspace when they designed the LD120, a laptop desk and speaker system combination. Continue reading


Parabola Chair: straight curves


At first when I saw this sculptural piece, the word “Chair” didn’t necessarily come to mind. A futuristic rocket, maybe… By successfully utilizing chrome-plated steel, LA-based product designer Carlo Aiello created the Parabola Chair – an award-winning perforated piece of furniture with a minimal frame and a super dynamic form. How amazing would it look in your living room or office? Continue reading


Eastpack Sofa: Club Sofa


What happens when a great furniture company meets with a legendary bag company? To be more specific, what happens when Quinze & Milan meets Eastpack? Well, to the least a successful cross disciplinary cooperation takes place, resulting in a piece of sofa characterized by the merge of the authentic design qualities of Quinze & Milan’s modern, iconic collection and classic Eastpack styles. Continue reading


Cushionized Sofa: Squishy Squishy


Cunningly designed with a metal frame and hook-and-loop fasteners, the Cushionized sofa by LoFi is a bit of an optical illusion. The two-seater sofa is built from many cushions, and comes in plain white or a mixture of subtle patterned fabrics. Continue reading


Suspendable Table: Hanging Out after Hours


Imagine it’s late Friday afternoon, wishing your desk would melt away in front of you to make room for some down-time? Zecc Architects designed one that does as part of the studio design for the communications company Heldergroen in Harlem, The Netherlands. Continue reading


A intersection B Furniture System: All Mod(ular) Cons


Looking for chameleonic furniture that multi tasks like you do? Then take a look at the A Intersection B modular system from Kim Myoung Hyun, which slots together on shared legs to adapt to a smorgasbord of roles, with 20 different permutations possible. Continue reading