Around Coffee Table: Traditional Meets Modern

Scandinavian designers have got it. They know exactly how to create and manufacture a piece of furniture that does what it’s supposed to but looks beautiful at the same time. Neither form nor function is better than the other. Both work in tandem in Scandinavian design. The Around Coffee Table from Muuto, designed by Thomas Bentzen, is full of the basic thesis of Scandinavian design. By Bentzen’s own admission, the table is functional, simple, and meets the human need it was designed to be attentive to. Continue reading


CAIXA Cabinet with Speakers: (A)Symmetrical


The most impressive thing about the CAIXA Cabinet, beyond the efficient angles and flat colors, more than the flush doors and drawers, is the fact that it manages complete symmetry with an exciting asymmetrical flourish. Continue reading


The Council Chair: Defining Design


While they may be the least obviously glamorous styles of design, the Mid-Century and Danish Modern habits are superior to any frilly competitor. The Council Chair is just another example of how these two techniques rival anything, because they are whole, without any confusing additives and adornments. Continue reading


Hollow-Core “Connect It” Desk: uncluttered power


Now that I’ve seen the Hollow-Core “Connect It” Desk I can honestly say that Brookstone has succeeded in every way with nerdy design. The Connect It Desk is tailored for interfacing with digital devices. A section of the desktop opens to reveal a special spot for cameras, smartphones, or tablets where they can connect to integrated power. Cables are kept orderly, and devices are kept out of your way – the perfect solution for uncluttered small spaces. Continue reading


The FJ Panel System: An Ideal Work of Art

Let us begin with a lesson in aesthetics. There is a German term that refers to an ideal work of art. Gesamtkunstwerk, hopefully I still have your attention, is a completely realized artistic vision. A painting that reflects everything the artist imparted through the brush. An unveiled skyscraper the architect has complete confidence in. And for famed Danish designer Finn Juhl, it is the FJ Panel System. Continue reading


Fenton Wing Backed Stone Sofa: sitting on a throne

You may imagine yourself sitting on a throne when you relax on the Fenton Wing Backed Stone Sofa. With a tall and narrow body, the sofa looks like a construction of regal request, for old French nobility, perhaps. Continue reading


Flip around stool: …don’t flip a coin, flip around your side table!

The amazing creative duo Jonas Bjerre and Kasper Ronn from Norm architects need little if any introduction at all to those interested in design, architecture and interiors. I would like to share with you today their latest innovation, the “flip around” stool, which has already become a favorite in many design magazines. Continue reading


Medici chair: for more than just sitting comfortably

Are you familiar with the work of Munich-based designer, Konstantin Grcic? If not, the Medici chair, one of his creations, is a good reason to do so! Originally trained as a cabinet maker, Grcic undoubtedly has been making an impressive portfolio throughout the years with a number of awards and nominations under his belt. Grcic has developed furniture and lighting for some of the leading companies of design, including among many others Vitra, Flos, Muji, Thoman Rosenthal and Mattiazzi, for which last one he came up with the wonderful Medici chair. Continue reading


The TOOaPicnic Series: Setting Up a Space to Share


While I wouldn’t mind either version in my apartment, the TOOaPicnic series of shared seating areas is designed for offices, restaurants, and waiting rooms. Each of the four setups were built to stimulate collaboration, whether that’s chatting over a cup of coffee or planning the company’s next big project. Continue reading


Intimo secretary desk: intelligently designed & produced


It is really great to see designers more concerned not only with the design of a product, but in fact caring for the actual process of designing as well. Especially when elaborate thought is given to the production phase, keeping in mind the distribution of the product side by side. The Intimo secretary desk designed by Jannis Ellenberger is not only a clever and compact solution once assembled and discretely yet proudly standing at a corner of your home, but also it is intelligently produced. Continue reading