Lounge Chair Maserati by Zanotta: Just as sexy


This limited edition lounge chair is the result of a collaboration between the car manufacturing denizen Maserati, and the long established furniture designers, Zanotta. The chair is a stand alone piece, and allows you to own a piece of the Maserati velocity, even without moving. Continue reading


Storage and Five Boxes: Teaching An Old Box New Tricks


A vertical and horizontal shelf in orange and grey, plus a horizontal shelf and a sideboard in grey and yellow composite the Storage and Five Boxes series. Based on square pole metal frames, and using standard vinyl boxes found in most hardware stores, the piece is a song to simplicity. Continue reading


Web Shelf & Desk: Tidy design for a messy life


Porro have brought out the Web ‘multipurpose supporting surface’ to the delight of busy minimalists worldwide. The wall-mounted installation can act as a support for anything decorative, or equally functional, as it comes with optional light, shelves and power supply. Continue reading


Ruche sofa by Linge Roset


One name: Ligne Roset. And then another one: Ruche sofa. Bring them together and an adventure is fired. Not your most typical one possibly, but still quite an interesting one. Location: the factory of the since 38 years family owned furniture company Ligne Roset, resting at the base of the Alps, in Briod France. I guess magnificent objects have to be manufactured in breathtaking places, don’t they? Asides its rather common and seemingly uninteresting concrete and metal exterior, what unfolds inside the 382.000 square foot factory is a lively, colorful and vividly energized scene. Dozens of workers, gigantic bolts of fabric, robotic sewing machines, foam cutters and glue sprayers. All protagonists in the same film. Continue reading


Space Saving Beds: Like space wizardry


Space saving furniture is usually not that good looking, but it must be inconspicuous, and it must be clever. The whole of the CLEI modular system that includes sleeping, living, working and dining functions, excels in these traits. It is so clever and well engineered that you may mutter as you watch the videos. What’s more, it is bordering on actually quite good looking. Continue reading


Camp Desk & Bench: Timing is everything


Sleek and tidy beyond measure, the Camp Desk & Bench pair by Studio Gorm is simply a traveling seat and table. By bringing clean lines and soft touches to a super-practical piece, Studio Gorm has made a perfect piece for the 21st Century nomad. Continue reading


Project 2012 Designs for Nature: 12 Disciples of Design


As part of a collection concept to celebrate the beautiful material that is sustainable Finnish wood, NIKARI invited 12 designers to conjure a piece in said material, one for each month of the year. There were only 12 of each piece produced last year, from stools to shelves to a wooden chandelier, and part of the sales are donated to WWF Finland for saving forests worldwide. Continue reading


Flip: a small table on the side


Living in a small space? Don’t fret, as you won’t need to compromise when it comes to high quality pieces of furniture. Think multi functional and space saving! Just like Flip – a foldable side table both for indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading


Banquette tea bench: Perfectly brewed


Four cushions piled on a low wooden table, wrapped with two leather belts – so simple, yet so attractive. Perfectly formed for tea (or other beverage) lovers with a small space, a great garden, or wanderlust. The Banquette tea bench is a Japanese inspired pale wooden portable coffee table and seats in cream linen. The table is in keeping with smooth Scandinavian carpentry, featuring a drawer and grooves for the belts to fit. What’s more – when all wrapped up it’s a great stool seat alone. Continue reading


Eclipse nesting tables: temporarily obscured


Organic forms and design attract me particularly. The Eclipse nesting tables, designed by Jon Gasca in 2009 and available at Stua, are a great example. Inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, the designer aimed at allowing personal expression, offering his own vision of the classic nesting tables.

Four tables with different surface shapes, sizes and heights that can all be stored one under the other. The smaller ones can disappear under the immediate larger ones just as an eclipse would do. When there is need they can be brought out, being arranged just according to each specific situation. The combinations and possibilities are endless. Continue reading