hanging hoop candle holder - Hanging Hoop Candle Holder

Hanging Hoop Candle Holder


I love this candle holder by domestic connoisseur, Katie Brown. From the “Keep It Simple!” collection, the Hanging Hoop Candle Holder is aesthetically designed to brighten your garden trees for a warm elegant look.

When you’re in the mood for outside entertaining, hang this chic candle holder and place a scented candle inside for an inviting atmosphere. Not to worry, the glass sleeve will keep your candle from blowing out in case of a late night breeze.

This beautiful candle holder include a glass wind sleeve and a 16-inch diameter hook for hanging; use it with votive candles, wide tapers or pillar candles up to 3-inch diameter.


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2 thoughts on “Hanging Hoop Candle Holder

  1. John Chen

    Wow! Hanging candle holders really looking very nice…
    Candle holders are very useful for creating special atmosphere & can ideally be used to illuminate tables, hallways or rooms.


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