candle holder set heima 2 - Heima Candle Holders: Light House

Heima Candle Holders: Light House


Candles can go either way – on their own, plain on the surface or inside a decorative candle holder. If you wish to bring out the full presence of your candles you should use holders. For class and style, you should use the Heima set from Normann Copenhagen.

Inspired by the Nordic culture of using candlelight combined with the cast iron arts and crafts of the 1950s, the Heima candle holder set feature a recognizable design and pay tribute to industrial craftsmanship and to the Nordic traditions. The uneven, almost cold surface gives the Heima candlestick character, while the rounded shapes make the design modern. The minimalist candlesticks are sculptural and make an elegant and stylish addition to both modern and classic home decors.

Just as light bulbs need lamps to bring out the best of their light, so do candles need something to hold them and bring out their soft glow. They need a light house.

The beautiful Heima collection serves different sizes, allowing you to play with it until you’ve created the desired atmosphere. When there’s a body, there’s a presence. On top of that Heima brings class, chic and style as well.



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2 thoughts on “Heima Candle Holders: Light House

  1. Candles

    These candlestick holders bring back wonderful memories. . . .as a matter of fact, I have the smaller piller candle holders. . . .think I purchased them in the 70’s in San Francisco at Cost Plus! Great times! ! Thanks for the memory!


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