tealight holder set faro1 50x50 - Faro Tealight Holder Set: Light Glow

Faro Tealight Holder Set: Light Glow


Imagine yourself spending the evening outside on the porch, relaxing with your loved ones, enjoying good food and wine. To complete the last piece of this perfect picture you need the right kind of lighting, and the Faro Tealight Holder Set is the missing piece.

This set features three holders in gradating sizes, all with sturdy and softly brushed stainless steel bases. Frosted glass shades with clear glass shades and ribbed inner holders in a deep, contrasting finish will give a touch of elegance and spread a soft glow all around.

We want our home to be our fort – a place where we can go to relax and enjoy at. Our home is a say of what we want and what we strive for. Who wouldn’t want to strive for class and elegance along with the perfect atmosphere?

This gorgeous candle holder set belongs to the Faro Collection from Blomus. It adds to our home decor so much with so little. Don’t be mistaken by the so-called ‘simple’ design of this lighting fixture, as there is nothing ordinary about this collection. The fine clean lines, the shimmering light, the combination of steel and glass – all create a perfect item to decorate and light your home and outdoor spaces.




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