woven demijohns blrd 50x50 - Demijohns: Pretty fall accessories

Demijohns: Pretty fall accessories


Fall is spreading in this part of the world, making our homes places to be spending more and more time at. It’s a calling for making some changes, adding something new or perhaps retrieving something old from the cupboards and giving it a whole new life. How do you like antique demijohns? Perhaps you, like me, really like them for the rustic and relaxed feeling they easily add in our spaces, yet are concerned that finding the right ones might cost a little fortune. After all, antique hunting is quite often an expensive sport, unless we get lucky with our occasional flea market finds. Continue reading

wallpapers decor perswall5 50x50 - Mr Perswall Wallpapers: Who owns your walls?

Mr Perswall Wallpapers: Who owns your walls?


Mr Perswall Wallpapers represent the logical next step in wallpapers. They offer an enormous selection of easy-up wallpapers in off-the-peg designs, but also in custom imagery. Continue reading

paper humidifier chokotto2 50x50 - Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier: Fresh from the Orient

Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier: Fresh from the Orient


The smell of a place, they say, can be more memorable than its appearance. This neat humidifier from Japan can bring a fresh perfume to a room in little time, with little effort, as it is based solely on paper evaporation, requiring no power or flame to run. Continue reading

natural rug marquina 50x50 - Natural Rug Collection: Down to earth, but heavenly to have

Natural Rug Collection: Down to earth, but heavenly to have


The established rug and carpet design house Nani Marquina has released the Natural Rug Collection this year, composed of 8 styles made from 4 different raw materials, all ultra-natural and kept that way. Afghan wool, Jute, Silk and our favorite Nettle are tamed with simple but hard work manual processes to softer forms of themselves. They are then simply knotted, knitted or woven into rugs that come in custom sizes. Continue reading

frame set epaulette 50x50 - Epaulette Frame: Military precision

Epaulette Frame: Military precision


The Epaulette frame set by Caroline Olsson is a simple picture framing set that replaces complex components with intelligent carpentry. It is a simple set of glass sheets for the faces, wooden rungs for the frame, and (the best bit) copper corner fixes that hold it all together at the ‘shoulder’. Continue reading

hanging pots opot2 50x50 - Opot hanging pots: hanging garden

Opot hanging pots: hanging garden


Don’t we all love it when it’s time for gardening? Personally with every handful of dirt in my palms, I feel more and more alive. With every plant I plant, it seems that the seeds of happy expectations are taking roots. What’s there not to love about nature? About growing plants, whether inside or outside? And what’s not to love about finding new innovating ways of using our planted pots for decoration? Continue reading

home storage schonbuch 50x50 - Schonbuch: pretty things

Schonbuch: pretty things


One on line shop, so many good brands and pretty things gathered up all together! Having gone through all of Schonbuch’s sections like coat racks, coat hooks, coat hangers, mirrors, umbrella stands, living accessories and items that help us keep our spaces tidy, I’ve noted down quite a few favorites which I’d easily bring home, give as a present or for starters share here with you. Ready? Come on, let’s window shop! Continue reading

candy pillow napoleon2 50x50 - Napoleon: sweets for your sofa

Napoleon: sweets for your sofa


Remember when we were children our moms cried out: don’t eat on the sofa! Now, as a grownup I can understand their frustration trying to clean up all sorts of crumbs and stains from my living room seating area. Meet Napoleon the candy pillow – from now on I can have my sweets on the sofa and eat them too… well, not really… Continue reading

decorative plate vase 4 50x50 - Platevase: Pile 'em high

Platevase: Pile ’em high


This calm and sophisticated two-tiered serving platter has a top pocket to pop decorations in to garnish what you’re serving. The design has no frills or pattern, so steers well clear of chi-chi alarm bells. There are a million cake stands, fruit bowls, candle holders and vases on the market – but this one lets you do it all in one sleek product. Continue reading

wooden floors bolefloor2 50x50 - Bolefloor Wooden Floors: Appreciate a curve?

Bolefloor Wooden Floors: Appreciate a curve?


Bolefloors floorboard systems use the natural curves of the trees they source from as a key design element. Even though they seem fragile, they are in fact the perfect solution for “extreme” use spaces, and come in a perfect selection of finishes. The design is achieved through very clever optimization engineering and technology. Continue reading