hanging pots opot2 50x50 - Opot hanging pots: hanging garden

Opot hanging pots: hanging garden


Don’t we all love it when it’s time for gardening? Personally with every handful of dirt in my palms, I feel more and more alive. With every plant I plant, it seems that the seeds of happy expectations are taking roots. What’s there not to love about nature? About growing plants, whether inside or outside? And what’s not to love about finding new innovating ways of using our planted pots for decoration?

Sometimes innovation calls my name and I do take my creative chances, but an outcome so simple and brilliant at the same time like the Opot pot hangers have I not designed! Well, not yet at least. Amazing Clara de Portillo did though! Have you seen her portfolio of projects and work in progress!?…stunning!

Opot hanging pots are self produced by her company Yonoh in Spain and made available to us via Behance’S Industrial Design for an attractive price.


But, let’s have a look together at her creations, shall we? Imagine fish & chips… then take the fish and chips away {I know!}, replace the newspaper with a rad, new technology material called Tyvek film, add two symmetrically placed eyelets, roll the film around itself and simply secure on the wall or any other vertical area with a nail. Add a respectively sized pot with a freshly planted plant or an already growing one and you are done.

Or even better, repeat the process until you created a nicely balanced hanging garden. Sit back, enjoy and remember to call your friends and celebrate sharing the lively view.

I’m thinking a mini herbs garden on a kitchen wall, wouldn’t that be a super practical, inviting and gorgeously looking idea? Not that I would mind having them on our veranda wall.. what about you, any ideas to share? You know, other than writing here, I do love to read opinions. So, please do so, you are welcome!


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