godfather godmother clocks 2 - Godfather & Godmother clocks

Godfather & Godmother clocks


Have you perhaps grown up in a place where a grandfather’s style standing clock, made quite possibly from dark wood was making kook – kook every time the hour was pointing at “o’clock”? Or perhaps your grandparents actually had one…

Looking back to the days when relatives I was visiting as a child had a similar clock, I recall the sense of awe I felt about their size, wondering why in any case telling the time had to acquire so much space, which in fact remained unused. Continue reading

unique wall clock lumino 2 - Lumino Wall clock: it's a full moon o'clock tonight

Lumino Wall clock: it’s a full moon o’clock tonight


Despite me loving to feel that time somehow passes slowly, a wall clock is unmistakably always a part of our home interior. Since being reminded of the passage of time isn’t the most pleasant part of life – specially being an adult, I try to compensate by choosing the most appealing designs. You see my point?

The Lumino Wall clock from Neo Utility falls in the basket of my absolutely favorite designs, both for its practical and aesthetic features. Continue reading

flower vase pik - PIK Vase: an elegant case of three...

PIK Vase: an elegant case of three…


These flower vases combine some of my ever favorite elements, all smoothly and beautifully combined in one. A play of textures, shapes and form in one design, made of beech, a kind of wood I truly like.

The award winning designer FX Ballery designed these wooden cylinders ending in cones, in his Paris studio. He describes them as a combination of thick and fine, aggressive and soft, solid and fragile.

I could not have described it any better myself. The repetition of number three somehow pleases me in intuitive ways. There is a sense of balance, completion and harmony in this design, which seems to satisfy my senses. Continue reading

stylish wallpaper glamora 7 - Glamora wallcoverings: personal, inspired and sur mesure creations

Glamora wallcoverings: personal, inspired and sur mesure creations


For over centuries walls have been beyond simple ways of keeping a roof above our heads. They are a great opportunity for expression, while bringing in our homes the unique personal touch each one of us wishes. Wallpapers have been a trend that gains more and more ground again.

Glamora vinyl wall coverings are not only offering a huge range of designs, they are also making it possible for us to have our own photographs, illustrations or graphic designs printed sur mesure. Continue reading

plaster busts kathy dalwood 5 - Kathy Dalwood busts for Luis Vuitton

Kathy Dalwood busts for Luis Vuitton


Recently looking for inspiration at contemporary fashion, innovative British artist Kathy Dalwood turned to Japanese fashion designer Junua Watanabe for his impressive “fashion as sculpture” approach. The bizarre and imaginative ways in which he dresses women bodies and especially the tight, stretched fabric he covers their faces with, became a creative fire starter for Kathy’s new experimentation with plaster. Continue reading

print knight - I'd Like To Be a...

I’d Like To Be a…


For me, redesigning my home is always a treat, but decorating the children’s rooms is even better. From wall decals to colors and fabrics, this is the place where you can really dream. Which brings me to the wonderful creations of I’d Like To Be, a London-based design studio founded by Jamie Nash. Continue reading

flower vase peakco 2 - Peakco vase: blooming flowers or feathers?

Peakco vase: blooming flowers or feathers?


Imposing, yet airy, is this unusual ceramic flower vase named Peakco, designed by Tale. Tale consists of four designers based in Korea who control everything from the design, to the planning and promotion of their products, all locally manufactured. They are a brand of designing with stories, studying the materials, myths and sensitivity related to the objects.

All that is easily evident in Peacko, this inspired white vase in the shape of a peacock, where imagination meets function and a simple object like a vase, is transformed into visual poetry. Continue reading

stapler anything1 - ANYTHING stationary line: like nothing you've seen so far

ANYTHING stationary line: like nothing you’ve seen so far


ANYTHING stationary line is everything but… just any set of desk products. A fruitful collaboration between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese design company Suikosha, their colorful and functional line of office tools received a Best of the Best Red Dot design in 2009. Continue reading

wire art works ms 3 - Wire works: when time stops and pretty things are all around

Wire works: when time stops and pretty things are all around


… you know these times when entering a place is like time stops and nothing matters? It has happened to me a few times while traveling and visiting various little hidden corners of a city. When that happens by virtually going in an online shop, then it is a whole different issue.

To communicate one’s story is a complicated matter in the first place. To achieve to do that while sharing pictures of a place and few curated words is even more complex. But all these shortcomings are overtaken successfully when one clicks on the page of Masao Seki wire works and antique shop, under the name Five from the ground. Continue reading

american design stamps 2 - Pioneers of American design stamps

Pioneers of American design stamps


Are you a stamp collector? Perhaps a fan of industrial design, too? Then this dozen of stamps featuring iconic household items, released by U.S Postal Service are going to thrill you as much as they did me. Yes, you guessed right. I’m the kind of person who cuts beautiful and interesting stamps arriving on our mail to put them away, until eventually one day they are added to our collection album. Continue reading