dry erase paint ideapaint 3 50x50 - IdeaPaint: creativity and collaboration

IdeaPaint: creativity and collaboration


Here’s a cool design idea for ya’ – it’s called IdeaPaint – a dry erase paint that turns practically any surface into an erasable canvas – perfect for brainstorming in the office or unleashing your creativity at school or at home. Continue reading

floor cushions knotty 50x50 - Knotty: interlaced

Knotty: interlaced


The ingenuity of design is taking one concept and projecting it on another. In this case, the lovely Knotty collection by Kumeko was inspired by old weaving, knotting and basket-making techniques. Continue reading

melting chair aduatz 3 50x50 - Melting Chair: a futuristic meltdown

Melting Chair: a futuristic meltdown


When art, architecture, and science fiction collide, things may get pretty messy (in a good way). Meet the Melting Chair. This unique work of art by Phillipp Aduatz is not your average piece of furniture. Resembling what looks like a futuristic meltdown, the Melting Chair is constructed from glass fiber reinforced polymer with a mirror like scratch resistant silver and polyurethane laqure coating. Continue reading

garden card postcarden 50x50 - PostCarden: Gifts for thoughtful givers

PostCarden: Gifts for thoughtful givers


PostCarden is yet another charming pop up design from UK-based Another Studio. It’s actually a mini garden you can send in the post to friends and loved ones – and what a wonderful gift it is! Continue reading

mirror table porro 3 50x50 - Mirror Table: Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror Table: Mirror mirror on the wall


“Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest one of all”? However this might most probably be something that doesn’t concern you at all, mirror table will manage to open an imaginary door to other worlds, reminding of the world of stories like Cinderella.

Mirror table has been designed by the Swedish studio front for the Italian Porro. The frame of its rectangular mirror contains half a table, which as reflected on the mirror behind it creates the illusion of a round table. It will not only double and complete the shape of the hemispheric table, but it will also add dimension and light to whichever space you’ll decide to incorporate this piece of furniture, from the entrance, to the living room to your bedroom’s make up corner. Continue reading

wall clock qlocktwo 4 50x50 - Wall Clock: look, no hands

Wall Clock: look, no hands


For those longing to be set free from living life by the minute the Wall Clock by Qlocktwo is just for you. Designers Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk have created a fresh and innovative way of telling time that will inspire you to reset the tempo of your day to day. Continue reading

wall storage pockets 50x50 - Wall Pockets: check your pockets

Wall Pockets: check your pockets


Usually I shy away from sticky wall decor because as they say “what goes up, must come down”, but Barcelona-based wall decal company, Unwhite, has created a clever, fun, and functional piece of wall art that will have you looking at your wall space in a whole new light. The Wall Pockets by designer Ivan Exposito are a quirky and creative answer to some of life’s questions that plague most of us day in and day out- “have you seen the remote control?” or “what did I do with my keys??”. Continue reading

fingerings judith ann braun 4 - Fingerings: Judith Ann Braun exhibition at Chrysler museum of  art

Fingerings: Judith Ann Braun exhibition at Chrysler museum of art


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, don’t they? Well, how about diamond dust? Diamond dust is a temporary art installation still taking place till January 2013 at the Chrysler Museum of Art. It presents the wonderful work of Judith Ann Braun, who actually used her fingers dipped in charcoal. Its creation lasted for 7 days and it was done live for public viewing while also being live-streamed by web cam. Continue reading

wall flats inhabit 5 - Inhabit Wall Flats: Wardrobe for Walls

Inhabit Wall Flats: Wardrobe for Walls


Although walls cannot talk, they sure do say a lot about your space. Most often than not they are crying for help from the unsightly paint or paper they are forced to wear day in and day out. Thanks to the clever folks at NY based design studio Inhabit, your walls have the opportunity to look as stylish as any upscale hotel with these textured three dimensional wall coverings. Continue reading

tree ornaments lovi b2 50x50 - Lovi: Love it

Lovi: Love it


Let me tell you about a small, family-owned design company based in Northern Finland by the name of Lovi Oy – don’t you just love the name?

Lovi produces adorable, do-it-yourself wooden figures that will add a whimsical touch to your home and office space. Designed and patented by Anne Paso, the entire collection is ecologically-responsible – 100% made from certified Finnish forests, which are re-planted after felling. Lovi actually donates part of their income to re-planting trees around the world, so by buying a small Lovi tree or Xmas tree, you effectively plant one tree. Continue reading