color changing lamp lune 4 - Cielux Lune: Color your Mood

Cielux Lune: Color your Mood


Many times we find that colors can express our moods in the most accurate way. We don’t have the color blue for nothing, right? Lune is a color-changing, mood lamp, from Cielux – the ultimate light fixture that allows you to express your mood through lightning. Apart from its stylish design, Lune is also smart – controlled by a simple, user-friendly touch pad.

This patent pending single touch point control interface transforms the user’s interactions with light and color – Simply tap the touch pad to turn the unit on, tap again to change colors, press the touch pad to dim each color. Now, not only can you express yourself through light, you can also create the right ambiance you want. Simply color your mood and the atmosphere will follow. Continue reading

unique chandeliers lladro 2 - Lladro Chandeliers: a forest fantasy magically coming to life

Lladro Chandeliers: a forest fantasy magically coming to life


Both the Magic Forest and the Niagara chandeliers are part of a new line of light fixtures designed by Bodo Sperlin for Lladro, the heritage porcelain company.

As part of their RE-Cyclos project, Bodo Sperlein was commissioned to design a new and dynamic range of lighting. The goal was to use existing Lladro pieces from their extensive catalog and create from them something new. This concept was inspired by the Natures’ cycle, where nothing is destroyed and everything is regenerated and given another life. The result is both a striking and stylish collection of lighting. Continue reading

unique pendant lamp ballup4 - Ball Up Pendant Lamp: A Matter of Perspective

Ball Up Pendant Lamp: A Matter of Perspective


When it comes to lighting, shape goes a long way. Lamp design will determine how the light will glow and spread across the room. The Ball Up Pendant Lamp, is a unique lighting fixture with a very interesting shape. It has an oval shaped diffuser with curved open shapes.

This handmade collection comes in red, black or vanilla glass with white interior. This is top quality, and the way it spreads the light is guaranteed to create the most unique ambiance in any room. It all comes down to how and where you look at it – a matter of perspective. Continue reading

unique lamp halley 2 - Halley Lamp: a heavenly comet

Halley Lamp: a heavenly comet


If you’re a solar system buff then this new lighting fixture, by Spanish manufacturer Vibia, is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s called Halley – a unique lamp that will shoot over your outdoor dining table like a comet.

Different configurations allow the light to form a complete arc when anchored to the ground on both sides, or a partial arc when anchored to a tabletop clamp or a wall. Oh, and the ambiance it creates is just heavenly. Continue reading

hanging lamp flex soft 3 - Droog Soft Lamp + Flexlamp: Form of Light

Droog Soft Lamp + Flexlamp: Form of Light


Imagine yourself a lamp that you can shape. To be clearer, imagine yourself a lamp that is made out of soft material that you can squeeze and twist as you please. Theses unique lamps do exist, they are the Soft Lamp and Flexlamp from Droog.

The material of the soft lampshade gives the impression that the cord is melting into the shade. When the light is turned on the seemingly opaque material radiates a warm glow. In addition, don’t be mistaken by the material’s appearance. It may look rigid, but in fact it is flexible enough to change form. This is your way to form your light. Continue reading

wireless speaker lantern - Wireless Speaker and Lantern: Lights! Music!

Wireless Speaker and Lantern: Lights! Music!


Here is a great combination – an outdoor wall lantern and a wireless speaker. It goes a long way on two levels – design and technology. This mission style design fits anywhere you put it, inspiring a relaxing ambiance with its glow. The technology aspect can be found in the Acoustic Research portable wireless speaker, that delivers crisp audio with amazing clarity.

It’s compatible with most electronic devices, allowing you to seamlessly transfer audio content from your stereo, iPod or MP3 player, iPhone, computer, and more. With this stylish item, from Audiovox, you get two for the price of one; with a snap of a button your outdoor area will come to life – lights! music! Continue reading

unique lantern oxo luau2 - OXO Luau: A Soothing Groove

OXO Luau: A Soothing Groove


If you’re looking for an atmosphere creator or a soft light that you can place on the bedside table or on the patio, then the OXO Luau lamp is for you. It’s a portable, cordless LED lantern that stays lit up to 10 hours, is cool to the touch and provides a soothing light.

Luau’s dimming feature allows you to control brightness by simply rotating the lantern’s integrated base. This unique lamp illuminates automatically when lifted from the charging base or during a power outage. When placed on the charging base, it automatically recharges for the next use. Place it anywhere you need to create that special vibe and soothing ambiance, and with no bulbs to change, this item can be enjoyed for many years to come. Continue reading

unique chandelier ornametrica3 - Ornametrica: A Chandelier That Changes To Fit Your Mood

Ornametrica: A Chandelier That Changes To Fit Your Mood


Ornametrica – the name of this chandelier says it all: it is both ornamental and geometric. Versatility is exactly the right word to describe this beautiful chandelier by Icelandic designers Aleksej Iskos and Adalsteinn Stefansson. Their choice of material, the clean ornamental look of the branches and the geometry behind it all work together to achieve this unique lighting fixture. Continue reading

hanging lamps soup can4 - Soup Can Hanging Lamps: An Icon In Your Kitchen

Soup Can Hanging Lamps: An Icon In Your Kitchen


If you want to add an artistic touch to your kitchen or dining room and you’re looking for something a little unusual, then the Soup Can Lights are exactly for you.
Ever since the pop art movement emerged in the 1950’s the use of mass-produced items in a different context has become extensive. I am a known fan of this period, I love the style and techniques but I think that what I love the most is the fact that by changing the context of everyday objects our perception of their value is changed. Andy Warhol’s famous “Campbell’s Soup Cans” is perhaps one of the iconic symbols of this movement. Continue reading

pendant lamps float4 - Float Hanging Lamps: Shedding A New Light

Float Hanging Lamps: Shedding A New Light


These stylish pendant lamps are made from recycled cork, shedding a new light on the beauty of recycled material. Benjamin Hubert, who has previously designed hanging lamps made of concrete, has once again surprised us with an unusual material – cork.

Hubert is known for his rounded approach to design, taking into account not only the finished product but the manufacturing process as well. As with most modern designers today, along with form and function, sustainability and eco-friendly issues are also taken into consideration when designing new products. The beauty of these lamps is not only in their look but also in their unique production process. Continue reading