floor table lamp stilt - Stilt Lamp: how much leg do you want to show?

Stilt Lamp: how much leg do you want to show?


I love the way certain elements complete each other, like wood and light for example; when put together they’re like yin and yang, presenting harmony and softness. The Stilt Lamp, from Blu Dot, has the same effect.

Whether as a floor lamp or a table lamp, this unique lighting fixture features slender Walnut veneer legs pirouette open to form a structural tripod base. A crisp white linen shade and a 80” red cloth-covered cord complete the entire picture-perfect combination, spreading soft light on a side table or in a corner of a room. Continue reading

color nightlight boonglo 4 - Boon Glo Color-Changing Nightlight: After Glow

Boon Glo Color-Changing Nightlight: After Glow


Did you know? A nightlight glows after it is turned off. Confused? Let me explain – The Boon Glo Color-Changing Nightlight has a special trick – after you turn it off, the glow appears. This multicolored, interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated glow balls – there’s nothing electronic in them so they don’t get warm and won’t break.

Imagine yourself tucking your child into bed with this unique lamp. Designed especially for kids, its cool, unique Avatar style design will make their imagination sail away while the room is brightened up with an inspiring glow. All of that comes after you turn off the light – after light. Continue reading

outdoor lantern elements gj - Georg Jensen Elements Lantern: 4 Elements, One Light

Georg Jensen Elements Lantern: 4 Elements, One Light


Here is something unique and original – The Elements Lantern by design duo Jan Egeberg & Morten Thing for Georg Jensen. This beautiful lantern is a part of a collection that celebrates the four elements of nature: earth, fire, wind and water.

The pattern is in the shape of a flame, its design has been made to ensure that the tealight burns safely and that the lantern never overheats. The flame is protected from wind and rain, ensuring a radiant light no matter what the weather brings. You can hang it from a tree branch or use it as decorative outdoor lighting on your porch or deck while enjoying a cozy evening outside, or simply place it in your living room to create the perfect ambiance while relaxing on the couch. This lantern is all about celebrating life and the four elements with one light. Continue reading

table lamp ball - Ball Lamp: A Game of Light

Ball Lamp: A Game of Light


A round shape could light up our imagination in different ways. When we think about it, so many things in our lives are round. Add in a light fixture, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The Ball Lamp has a cool shape, made out of globe glass and it comes in a wide range of colors. Basically, it has everything you need to have a little twist going on, something to add-on a little spice to your table. This is a lamp that has a light side to it, and since this is a ball we’re talking about, it is sort of a game. A game of light. Continue reading

pendant lamp trianon 4 - Trianon: Grand/Petit Royal

Trianon: Grand/Petit Royal


Rarely do we see such an impressive display of class, elegance, light, ambiance and sophistication as we see in the Trianon light fixture. This unique chandelier is named after King Luis XIV, and certainly features some royal qualities.

Made of post-consumer coated Tyvek, when lit up, the Trianon emits a soft checkerboard glow from behind its surface of folded slits in reference to the decor found in the famous Parisian Versailles Palace. With such an impressive reference wherever you put it you can be assured its glow will show with all its glory, and your entire room lit up with class and style. Continue reading

reading lamp book rest - Book Rest Lamp: What's the Story?

Book Rest Lamp: What’s the Story?


Sometimes all you need are two simple things to compliment each other, forming a great item. The Book Rest Lamp is exactly that. For most of us, reading time is very close to our bed time, if not combined.

Made of frosted glass it gives off a soft light, ideal for reading, but also doubles as a book rest ensuring you never lose your page. But wait, that’s not all – sit your book on top of the lamp and you’ve created a house. So, let’s see one more time: we have a book, we need a light, we join these two together and we have a page marker, as well as a cool item. Reading seems all of a sudden even more fun. So, what’s the story? Continue reading

unique lamp branch - Branch lamp: natural beauty resurrected

Branch lamp: natural beauty resurrected


Designers Harris Hine and Emily Visclocky from the design firm “Reclaiming Brooklyn” collect their raw material from the streets of New York. Felled branches and tree limbs are transformed into one-of-a-kind lamps and lighting fixtures.

The idea originated after one of the tornadoes that hit New York in 2010. Amongst the debris they found a beautifully shaped branch, by adding to it a spun aluminum shade, some metal shims, a cord and a light bulb that created this naturally elegant lamp that is both original and eco-friendly. Continue reading

pendant lamp future flora 2 - Future Flora Pendant Lamp Collection: enticing lights

Future Flora Pendant Lamp Collection: enticing lights


I always find that one of the most interesting ways to create an ambiance in a room is by using lights. The Future Flora lights are a collection of pendant lamps that manage to do this in a sophisticated, creative way. Imagine walking into a room, turning on the light and suddenly it is transformed into a “living bouquet”, your own private tropical jungle. With a little imagination you can almost hear the noise of parrots and waterfalls and smell the blooming foliage. Continue reading

star lampshade starlightz 2 - Starlightz: Glow, Sparkle, Shine

Starlightz: Glow, Sparkle, Shine


What is it about stars that lights up our imagination and appeals to us so much? Is it their mysterious glow? Is it their out of reach sparkle? Starlightz is your chance to get a bit closer to the stars, letting them shine and light up your room with an unforgettable ambiance.

Made entirely from high grade wood-free paper, this handmade lampshades make each one of these fabulously-designed stars unique. The stars illuminate with extraordinary beauty when put over a light bulb, casting a warm light full of colors and patterns. It glows, it sparkles, it shines. Continue reading

porcelain lamps porcelight 2 - Porcelight: Glow White

Porcelight: Glow White


Light is the key factor for any atmosphere you wish to have. Therefore, having a set of Porcelight lamps in your home could do miracles to your design.

Porcelight is a beautiful lamp collection based on a white porcelain lampshade. Whether it is a pendant lamp hanging above your dining table, a wall or table lamp in your living room, each one emits the perfect glowing light downwards from a halogen bulb. They are glare free and the Porcelain is white and beautiful by day and radiates a warm and golden glow when the light is on. Let your room glow white. Continue reading