mago brooms - Mago Broom: Sweeping Tool

Mago Broom: Sweeping Tool


It is important that our cleaning tools will have just as much character and style as any other item we have around the house. The Mago Broom has exactly that – its own character and a special shape. It probably won’t change the way you feel about sweeping, however, it’ll definitely bring in some positive vibe. It is available in 7 different colors that you can mix and match with a selection of spare brushes. To make it even more merrier – colorful wall hooks are also available; this is your sweeping tool.

Our imagination could be very limited at times. And when it comes to brooms, nothing exciting really comes to mind. Nevertheless, the Mago Broom is a living proof that you can put inspiration into any item’s design using colors and a twist. This is a durable broom that looks as good as it works. Dimensions of the brush is 14.17″ wide and the handle is 4′ 7″ long x 2.7″ dia.



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