tablecloth underfull3 - Underfull Tablecloth: A Hidden Secret

Underfull Tablecloth: A Hidden Secret


Good entertaining etiquette says that the perfect hostess should always be the first to spill a little something on the tablecloth so that if any of her guests have a “tiny mishap” they will not feel uncomfortable.

Over the years, I have been having friends and family over for many meals but I have never put to practice this rule of perfection, most of all because I like to set and decorate my table with dishes and table-linen I carefully choose. So I am waiting impatiently to use this new tablecloth that promises to improve with every spill and stain. Continue reading

kitchen storage pods2 - Storage Pods: Sense & Sensibility, Swedish Style

Storage Pods: Sense & Sensibility, Swedish Style


Norm architects have designed these stylish containers for storing, cooking and serving herbs, oils and spices. For practical reasons I prefer using glass containers in the kitchen, they don’t become cloudy like plastic, food stays fresher because they seal tighter and they are much easier to clean. But I also enjoy the aesthetics of glass, while my kitchen is very modern and functional my glass containers add color and sophistication to my shelves. Some are recycled jam-jars with a bluish hue, some are old-fashioned brown medicine jars and some glass containers have a yellowish glint to them. The Norm Pods fit right in, they are sleek and round cylinders with beautiful steel lids. Continue reading

sushi set shogun minamoto2 - Sushi Shogun-Set Minamoto: Far East Sparkle

Sushi Shogun-Set Minamoto: Far East Sparkle


Asian food is the kind of food that activates all of your senses; it is a total experience of flavors, colors, smell and special serving style. The Shogun Set Minamoto is a unique collection by Carl Mertens, derived from the word ‘Minamoto’ (Origin, Root), that will allow you to enjoy Asian food to the fullest.

Minamoto consists of different, but matching, design objects that provide everything you need for a traditional Asian meal with a good old fashioned style. If you’re in the mood for Asian food, you might as well set the mood, the right setting and ambiance, and serve it properly with class and style. Anyone who’s been to the Far East would agree that food presentation and aesthetics are a huge part of the culture. That is exactly what differentiates Asian food from all the rest, it simply has that unique Asian sparkle. Continue reading

tray serving set norm3 - Norm Tray Set: Redefining Cool

Norm Tray Set: Redefining Cool


The Norm tray set is a stylish serving set that is ideal for cutting and serving meat and cold dishes. The Norm Swedish design team has done it again. I was really impressed by the fact that at first glance this tray set seemed like a simple design and then as I started using it I fully understood how smart and useful it really was. Continue reading

seafood set palio - Seafood Set Palio: Gourmet Style

Seafood Set Palio: Gourmet Style


When we’re talking about cutlery we have to differentiate between the basic and the extra mile. The Palio seafood set, by Carl Mertens, is by far more than the extra mile. This remarkable cutlery set features a fork and a crayfish knife made of high-grade 18/10 polished stainless steel, whereas in concept it stands for all that is design and style, combining functionality, thinking about the smallest details and the specific shape to give it the unique design it deserves. The thought of giving gourmet food the right attention and attitude it deserves from the customer’s point of view is all about respect and proper approach to the food that is being served. This set is of elegance and sophistication – gourmet style. Continue reading

cake server magisso4 - Magisso Cake Server: The Perfect Piece

Magisso Cake Server: The Perfect Piece


The simple task of serving cake – slicing a nice piece and getting it to your plate – can be quite difficult sometimes. I do a lot of baking. It’s a creative outlet for me to find a recipe, give it my personal twist and then have my friends over to try it out. I don’t mind doing the dishes and I certainly don’t mind the company, what I don’t like is the part where I have to slice the cake and serve it. Somehow I always have a problem, either the slices aren’t even or they topple over (cream-side down usually) as I’m transferring them to the plate. If it’s a family gathering then I let my mother do it, she is the original cake master, but in other cases this isn’t an option and I have to struggle with the task myself. Then I stumbled upon the Magisso Cake Server. Continue reading

din ink pen cutlery3 - Din Ink: Dinner She Wrote!

Din Ink: Dinner She Wrote!


Use the Din-ink pen caps to turn your bic pens into your personal cutlery set. Most days our lunch-breaks at the studio are a friendly affair. We all gather around the table in the conference room and share our stories of love, grief, frustration and client woes. Fine dining is not on the menu, some of us bring food from home, some nibble on sandwiches and the rest enjoy the “take-out-of-the day”. Continue reading

pizza cutter eva solo - Eva Solo Pizza Cutter: Grab A Slice

Eva Solo Pizza Cutter: Grab A Slice


There’s nothing like a hot, juicy slice of a home-made pizza. This unique cutter will help you bring your pizza making to perfection. Its large, stainless steel blade easily cuts through and divides your pizza from top to bottom – piece by piece, while a hook suspension makes it handy and within reach – any time. There’s not much more you can ask from a pizza cutter; it needs to be effective, comfortable to use and able to cut through the thickest slice. This elegant cutter is all and more, with it stylish design you can feel like a real pro. Come on – grab a slice! Continue reading

porcelain serving set mud 6 - MUD Porcelain Collection: Classy Look for Daily Use

MUD Porcelain Collection: Classy Look for Daily Use


This beautiful porcelain collection, by MUD Australia, is a stylish set of dishes with an elegant sophistication. These dishes were designed for real-life use – they are microwave, dishwasher and even oven safe. Each piece is handmade from either Limoges or Imperial porcelain and designed to emphasize line and functionality. Clear glaze is applied to the interior of each piece leaving the exterior with a vitrified stone-like surface that becomes smooth with handling. They appear delicate, but are in fact durable for daily use. Continue reading

serving tray colombina3 - Alessi Colombina Tray: Serving With Style

Alessi Colombina Tray: Serving With Style


I have a friend with a special sixth sense for unique items. That means that if we both went shopping for anything, she’d be the one finding the most special things – clothes, shoes, furniture or any other designer item you could think about. Last week we went shopping for Christmas gifts, and once more she found that special item. As we were browsing through kitchen gadgets, she spotted a very special tray by Alessi. Continue reading