salad bowls hands on 2 - Hands On Salad Bowls: Mix it Up

Hands On Salad Bowls: Mix it Up


My family loves to eat (heck, who doesn’t) and lucky me, they are not too picky with their food; nevertheless, I find it essential to have a bowl of fresh salad with every meal as we all know the importance of eating fresh vegetables. Now, we’re getting to a grey zone. I love lettuce in my salad, it’s green, it’s healthy and full of vitamins, the only catch is it’s hard to mix lettuce with the rest of the salad, as it can be a bit heavy and take up most of the bowl’s space. When I saw Hands On salad bowls I knew I found the perfect solution for this little hurdle. Continue reading

serving bowls plint 4 - Skagerak Denmark Plint: Serving it Right

Skagerak Denmark Plint: Serving it Right


One of my dear closest friends is what I call ‘A professional Hostess’. Her dinner parties are known for their perfect ambiance, gorgeous food, table setting and unique servings. Every time she holds one of her famous dinners I know I’m up for another lesson in class and style of elegance and sophistication combined with coziness and warmth; as I said – perfection.

Well, last time I was there, I was taught the art of small details that make all the difference. By that I refer to Skagerak Denmark Plint. Little ceramic bowls on a wooden Teak that give a feeling for detail and sensitivity to the whole. Continue reading

cookie jars handbag 2 - Handbag Cookie Jars: Munch Bag

Handbag Cookie Jars: Munch Bag


Check out these ceramic handbag cookie jars. It is not just a cookie jar; this could also be used as a beautiful centerpiece for the cooking fashionista. What a cool thing to have in your kitchen; something that says style and class as well as fresh baked goods – a decorative item that will set a colorful vibe in your kitchen. Oh, yeah, and these hand-painted ceramic cookie jars also do a nice job of storing cookies, jam tarts, biscuits and more. Continue reading

floral ramekins set - Mustardseed & Moonshine Ramekins: Flourishing the Table

Mustardseed & Moonshine Ramekins: Flourishing the Table


Every now and again I host some beloved people to a fancy dinner. It could be for a special occasion such as Christmas, or it could be just because I felt like it. Anyhow, the need to set up the table in a stylish manner is always there.

These botanically inspired ramekins are the answer to my long lasting prayer – an elegant piece that is designed not only for serving at the table, but also for decoration. It is made of hand-painted ceramic and it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Sized 4″Dia, it is available in different designs: Trillium Stinking Benjamin, Iris Persian Berry, Delphinium Greek Blue, Poppy Welsh, Daylily Oriental, Nasturtium Orange and Nasturtium Sienna. Continue reading

dome serving stands - Domed Serving Pieces: On Display

Domed Serving Pieces: On Display


We all know that any food presented aesthetically and elegantly will look much more enticing and attractive to our guests. Feast your eyes on these domed serving pieces with their silver-plated bases covered by glass domes – a stylish way to present your delicatessen in a buffet at parties, weddings and special events. Continue reading

dinnerware set mikasa 2 - Mikasa Dinnerware Set – Daylight Delight

Mikasa Dinnerware Set – Daylight Delight


Check out this exquisite porcelain 5 piece set. With its unique shades of green, seems like it is suitable for any season of the year. It is winter deep, spring blooming, summer refreshing and autumn leafy. It is the perfect set for any occasion; whether you’re having people over for Sunday lunch out in the garden, or for the next family gathering during the holidays. Continue reading

serving tray hanger 2 - Hung Up - Ocean Tray and Hanger

Hung Up – Ocean Tray and Hanger


I am sure that when Skagerak manufactured this ‘Ocean Tray and Hanger’ they had sailing ships in mind. Both the stylish design and the practical usefulness make this tray ideal for use on a boat as well as in the house. Continue reading

thomas dinnerware loft - White 'Loft' On My Table – Thomas Rosenthal Dinnerware

White ‘Loft’ On My Table – Thomas Rosenthal Dinnerware


I have always preferred white porcelain dinnerware to give my table that elegant and sophisticated look, and now that I have discovered the ‘Loft’ range, manufactured by Thomas – Rosenthal, I do not need to search any further.

“Thomas – The Trend Factory” has been a byword for modern, stylish, uncomplicated design for 100 years appealing to a young, ambitious customer group, always looking for a new approach whilst maintaining the highest quality. Today, the Thomas range is produced at the Thomas and Rosenthal factories situated in Bavaria, Germany. All the tableware is flame-retardant, heat-resistant, dishwasher-proof and microwave-proof. Of course it is also “from oven to table” as one expects today. Continue reading

dessert glass mini - Dessert Delight: Just Desserts Mini Flare

Dessert Delight: Just Desserts Mini Flare


Sometimes, the final success of a dinner party is dependent on the ‘piece de resistance’ – the dessert. Not only the recipe itself but of course the way you present it. That is what Just Mini Desserts is about, serving delicious desserts in stylish mini glass dishes that compliment most table settings.

Made in USA by Libbey (glass makers since 1818) the set contains 12 mini flared martini dishes and 12 stainless steel spoons. Also included, is a recipe card with great ideas to help you make a fabulous dessert that will look good and taste good. Continue reading

serving tray triton2 - Triton 2: Tray Bonne

Triton 2: Tray Bonne


Recently, it was my turn to have a few guests over for an informal drink and snacks. When I saw this tray I knew that I had the solution for a perfect and very suitable menu – wine and cheese board. The compact design is ideal for that casual gathering around the coffee table, in the garden or on the balcony. Continue reading