pizza cutter eva solo - Eva Solo Pizza Cutter: Grab A Slice

Eva Solo Pizza Cutter: Grab A Slice


There’s nothing like a hot, juicy slice of a home-made pizza. This unique cutter will help you bring your pizza making to perfection. Its large, stainless steel blade easily cuts through and divides your pizza from top to bottom – piece by piece, while a hook suspension makes it handy and within reach – any time. There’s not much more you can ask from a pizza cutter; it needs to be effective, comfortable to use and able to cut through the thickest slice. This elegant cutter is all and more, with it stylish design you can feel like a real pro. Come on – grab a slice!

Making pizza is good fun. Choosing different toppings and spreading the mozzarella on an original tomato sauce – this could be a wonderful excuse to spend some time in the kitchen, trying out some of your “crazy” ideas. The only hurdle you might have is at the final stage – the cutting. No matter how big is your knife, it’s quite uncomfortable and just won’t cut through, you need something else, you need a professional tool like the Eva Solo Pizza Cutter – Done. Bon Appetite!


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