stir it: deliciously fresh


Here’s another simple yet fresh design from the Swiss design collective Postfossil, only this time it belongs in the kitchen. A glass carafe that allows us to infuse leaves and fruit is nothing new, however Stir It does it so beautifully we just couldn’t resist… Continue reading


Stelton’s Kontra salad bowl

When it comes to design of daily objects, one characteristic that I primarily and highly appreciate is harmony. When harmony is achieved by also providing an item with an edge, then my need for good design is met and surpassed.

I personally love simple forms and adore different kind of textures as a means of introducing interest. Steltons’s Kontra large fruit ball designed by Maria Berntsen does just that: successfully and harmoniously combining seemingly contradicting materials like stainless steel and bamboo, in a form that smoothly floats. Steel for the base and bamboo for the upper part, this bowl gains its charm and beauty from the contrast between shining and mat surfaces, between cold and warm, between feminine and masculine. Continue reading

Puzzle board: time to stop puzzling yourself… life is easy!

Does combining functionality with innovative design and a quirky twist puzzle you? Do you wonder how can a cutting board serve additionally as a tray, while your favorite glass of wine is safely transported on it, even using only one hand? Continue reading

Rorstrand: eccentric fashion stories meet fine porcelain

Famous fashion illustrations on your porcelain cup of tea? Well, why not? Rorstrand, a firm which always sought to find form of collaboration with the most interesting designers, has joined forces with the fabulous, world known illustrator, Lovisa Burfitt, whose fashion illustrations can be regularly seen in several of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world.

Now thanks to this brilliant cooperation, the eccentric stories of Mademasoille Oiseau – I couldn’t adore the name more! – are decorating finest china in the form of mugs, espresso cups, side plates and trinket box with a lid, assuring to bring tones of elegance and fun in your daily coffee and / or tea ritual. Continue reading

retro stonewear: irrestible graphics at your disposal on every day basis

Sharing here with you some of my most beloved designs is certainly one of my favorite things to do. Such is the case with Lotta Odelius retro stonewear collection for Sagaform. I can personally generally not resist a charming set of bowls, tea cups and a delightful teapot herself ( “teapot” happens to be a feminine noun in my appreciation of things).

I seem to always be having just a little more space in my cupboards – despite my overall paired down approach to material things – for just another set of them. Add the loveliest graphic designs of acacia leaves made by Lotta Odelius in pretty blue and muted green tones and then you have all the reasons why I can not resist them! Continue reading

Future Collection: Glassware reflection

This beautiful glassware collection was designed by Peter Svarrer for Holmegaard for over a decade ago. Back then it represented his answer to the water glass of the future, hence the name. No doubt, his elegant design still holds up today.

In addition, the collection also includes an array of delicate glassware, such as jug/carafe, champagne and wine glasses – some mouth blown, some machine made – all in various sizes and soft transparent colors. Continue reading


Buddha/Udon/Ramen Bowls: Handy


A bowl full of noodles is one of my favorite dishes, and devouring it with chopsticks is all part of the fun. In today’s market there are all sorts of serving bowls, however not all of them are easy to hold in one hand.

Then came Flavour Design Studio – who strive to design products that make people say “why didn’t I think of that!” – and created a collection of stylish bowls with a touch of zen, which are perfect for eating noodles and are extremely handy. Continue reading


Boska Holland: Explore Cheese


I love cheese. It’s the kind of food that can go with almost anything, whether for a date night or a dinner party, just dont forget to complete this flavorful culinary experience with a bottle of fine wine.

And if we’re already into cheese, looking for the right accessories to serve a rich Brie, a tasty Gouda, or a creamy Fondue for dining al fresco, then we must start with Boska Holland – the largest cheese instrument specialist in the world Since 1896. Continue reading


Raw Diamonds Collection: East meets West


I always try to enhance my food in different ways, sometimes all you need is to add some spices or different herbs, but there is another way that you can upgrade your dining experience. The first time I’ve seen the new Raw Diamonds Collection I was stunned!

With an original design the outside of this unique dish set looks like an uncut raw mineral with all his beautiful facets, just like a real diamond; you don’t see this kind of design in our daily dishes. Inside, there’s a polished, smooth surface decorated with a colorful Asian flower motif that takes you to a vivid trip to the Far East. Continue reading

Desa Bread Basket: Center Piece in Every Meal


I don’t know about you, but for me a meal is not complete without having some fresh bread on the table. I know, very basic, but still, most needed. Desa is a stylish bread basket that will make a centerpiece in every meal. Continue reading