glass water carafe fontana2 50x50 - Fontana Water Carafe: Pure, Clear Refreshing

Fontana Water Carafe: Pure, Clear Refreshing


Imagine… You’re sitting down for an alfresco meal, you have delicious food on the table, a bottle of wine, candles, the whole lot. There’s only one thing missing – a fresh cool drink to start with. The Fontana Water Carafe is just what you need to serve your guests in style and leave them wanting more. Continue reading

cake server arne jacobsen - Arne Jacobsen Cake Server: Piece O' Cake

Arne Jacobsen Cake Server: Piece O’ Cake


Some things are meant to live forever. They are always relevant and their design is evermore unique and special. This beautiful Cake Server, by the famous Scandinavian designer Arne Jacobsen, is an excellent example. The cutlery is comfortable to hold and elegantly balanced. The matte stainless steel is smooth and the seamless shape will lend a luxurious touch to your table setting. Continue reading

carving set evasolo - Eva Solo Carving Set: The First Cut is the Deepest

Eva Solo Carving Set: The First Cut is the Deepest


You’ve been cooking in the kitchen all day long, cleaning and tiding things up in preparation for that Thanksgiving dinner you’re about to host. Everything is set, looks so delicious, especially the turkey you’ve been roasting slowly all day. The only thing you need to complete this perfect picture right now is this Carving Set from Eva Solo. In fact, this is also what any dinner party with a big chunk of meat needs.

The carving set consists of a two-pronged fork and an ultra-sharp knife fashioned from Asian blade steel. Both the knife and the fork are made from a single piece of metal, the handle in each case running seamlessly into the blade and prongs. With this set you won’t even feel you’re carving as it will be so easy. The first cut is the deepest. Continue reading

ceramic tableware mormor 6 - The Mormor Series: Good Old Times

The Mormor Series: Good Old Times


This is a well known secret – grandmas have the best things. The best cures, the best tricks, the best pies, the best of everything. That’s exactly the reason why the Mormor Series, from Normann Copenhagen, represents the best of times.

The Mormor (Danish for grandmother) series is made for both the modern and traditional kitchen. Crafted from ceramics, this beautiful tableware set is inspired by textiles and patterns which remind us of familiar kitchen items, such as dishcloths – Items from a bygone era, when simplicity ruled and everything seemed so much easier. The good old times. Continue reading

designer glass set rocking - Rocking Glass: Made to Rock - Not to Spill

Rocking Glass: Made to Rock – Not to Spill


The idea behind design is to serve a useful item in the most tasteful way, literally. Meaning, to create the desire for more of the same. This beautiful Rocking Glass set, from Normann Copenhagen, does exactly that – you want more of it and you want more of what it does.

This is a simple drinking glass with a twist – a curved bottom that prevents the glass from falling over, allowing it to rock but not to spill. Perfect for cocktail parties, this is indeed a refreshing take on the so called “simple” item that is the drinking glass. Use it to serve drinks or simply as a decorative item, completed with a tea light or a little flower. Continue reading

table trash royalvkb - Table Bin: Easy to Clear

Table Bin: Easy to Clear


I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind setting up the table. Clearing it up though, is a whole other story. Thank goodness for the Table Bin – a compact item, that makes this dirty job easier and quicker.

The Table Bin consists of 2 components, a nicely formed bin with a special coating on the outside which gives that extra grip when carried, and a specially designed lid with an anti slip pattern on it. With it, table plates, cutlery and condiments can be brought easily to the table; during eating, food and other waste can be collected in the large bin, and the lid firmly secured to keep insects at bay; when you have finished your meal, any leftovers can be added to the waste bin together with the dirty dishes and cutlery to be taken to the kitchen separately. From now on, any dining table, whether it is outdoors or indoors, will be easy to clear. Continue reading

deli jar herbs evasolo - Eva Solo Deli Jar: Stylishly Fresh

Eva Solo Deli Jar: Stylishly Fresh


A kitchen is a place in which we celebrate food. This is a place of inspiration and thinking outside the box. For that we need fresh ingredients. These beautiful Deli Jars, from Eva Solo, are elegant and stylish – Perfect for keeping your ingredients fresh and your kitchen in style. Continue reading

drink coasters polaroid 4 - Polaroid coasters: memories of happiness

Polaroid coasters: memories of happiness


Going through one of my old boxes of memorabilia the other day, my kids found my old Polaroid camera and with it was an envelope full of old pictures from my childhood. So we sat together and I told them about this wonderful camera: the Polaroid. How it used a white rectangular film that you pulled out and then had to wait before peeling apart and how thrilling it was to actually see the picture develop before your eyes.

In my parents’ house we had an oval coffee table with a protective glass top raised slightly on four black rubber circles. The space underneath the glass was used to insert family photos and this is where we kept the “best” Polaroids. I would spend hours looking at these pictures of babies, family vacations, weddings and graduations. When I started studying art I started experimenting with angles and exposure times to manipulate the final photograph and these were the Polaroids in the envelope they found. Continue reading

ice tray iceorb 2 - IceOrb Vertical Ice Tray: Very Cool

IceOrb Vertical Ice Tray: Very Cool


For me, spring means the beginning of outdoor entertaining season. The warm weather thaws out my friends and out comes the barbeque grill and the beer. As summer sets in, Saturdays find us at the beach or hiking nearby, always accompanied by an abundant picnic basket. Whether the gathering is fancy or easygoing, there always seems to be a need for ice cubes and coolers to keep the fresh food cold.

The Fusionbrand IceOrb receptacle is great for doing exactly all these things: you can use it to make the ice, to store it, to keep food chilled and to serve cold drinks. Continue reading

collapsible cupcake carrier - Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier: for movers & shakers

Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier: for movers & shakers


This versatile carrier makes it so easy to transport all those lovely decorated cakes and cupcakes. My daughters are into making cupcakes. Every other day there seems to be a “special occasion” (a friends’ birthday, end of school project, girls’ night…) that turns my kitchen into a baking shop. They are actually very good at it and with each batch their decorations get more elaborate – icing, sprinkles, chocolate sculptures – but as long as they also do the cleaning up I don’t mind.

My contribution to this, apart from being a very proud parent, is helping them transport their creations. Usually this means driving very slowly with an anxious teenager cradling an improvised cardboard box in her lap. So on behalf of us cake and cupcake bakers and buyers I would now like to thank the guys at “Progressive” for thinking of the collapsible cupcake and cake carrier. Continue reading