Pico Kamin: Warm feeling, cool features


For modern design mavens, wood-burning stoves are much more than simply a heat source. The Pico Kamin version is an edgy-as-you-like grey steel stove that allows you to optionally hide the flue, or celebrate it. Continue reading

Branca chair: Smooth operator


The market for dining and casual chairs is a busy one, but nonetheless the smooth bones and light adaptability of the Branca chair are wondrously covetable. Continue reading

Baccarat Highlights 2013: the magic of crystal


What happens when some of the world’s most famous designers are joined by students of the Lausanne art of school, ECAL in order to translate legends of the past into the language of the present? Even more, what happens when Fernando & Humberto Campana, Louise Campbell, Jean-Marc Gady, Jaime Hayon, Arik Levy, Philippe Nigro and Philippe Stark join forces united under the legendary name of Baccarat? Well, one thing is certain: magic is created. Continue reading

Foldable Wardrobe: Because good design should always exist


Manufactum’s strapline: ‘The good things in life still exist’ is definitely lived out in this time tested but extremely hip design. A simple concertina mechanism in aluminum and maplewood with a series of hooks on the underside come together to create a wardrobe or coat stand that is only there when you need it. Continue reading

Essential Bed: Sleep like a design baby


The Essential Bed is the latest in the select family of bed designs from Dutch bed masters, Auping. The shape is modern comfort – curved lines and a slim profile. Made of an aluminum frame, with a wooden and synthetic headboard, it comes in a choice of six lush colors, including yellow and carbon black. Additional bonuses include a headboard and integral bedside table, both of which complement the rounded form and amp-up the usability of the (well named) Essential bed. Continue reading

Vino2Go & Brew2Go: Your favorite Drink, Anywhere!

Here’s a cool item for those who enjoy carrying safely their favorite beverage with them: a double-walled BPA-free SAN acrylic plastic drink tumbler with a closeable lid that holds 16oz of your preferred drink – like a cool beer or your favorite wine – while preventing spills, condensation, keeping insects and bugs out at the same time. Use it anywhere! Continue reading

The Everly Collection: Classically Modern


The Everly collection of pendant lamps possibly owes its name to the fact that when choosing lighting fixtures, going kind of classic is not only a safe choice but also a choice that will ensure durability for years to come. Inspired by the decorative blown glass containers, the Everly collection from Kichler Lighting is made from clear glass, offered in two basic shapes, combined with two types of hardware, making a total of four designs that work well with one another and suitable for satisfying various tastes. Continue reading

Origami Coffee Table: Neatly folded


A simple square with setback square legs, the Origami table has a several variations, each after a folded paper shape, but geometrically designed so that the aerial view is always a square. Our favorite variation is the centerfold version, where a deep v in the center serves to stabilize the table, but also to act as storage. Continue reading

Numi Toillet: if James Bond had a bathroom…

Good design and function should be present everywhere in a modern beautiful and comfortable home. The bathroom is no exception. Neither is the toilet. Taking control of one’s comfort and control in that very private place can be as important as taking care of purchasing the most comfortable sofa for your living room where the family gathers together.

Numi, Kohler’s most advanced toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom, with its striking form and its unique feature of its unrivaled water efficiency. A fine combination of a gorgeous design flirting with clean lines, Numi’s technology and engineering will bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Continue reading

Nube Armchair: A Love Story


When curves fell in love with lines, the Nube armchair by Stua was born. Designed by Jesus and Jon Gasca in 2007, it looks as fresh as being a newborn, even after 6 years of its conception. A truly magnificent example of how opposites attract or depending on the point of view, how they compliment each other. Daring to combine perfect sleek and straight lines with the softness of gentle curves, the designer achieved a balanced outcome, celebrating a happy marriage between masculine and feminine forms in just one go. Continue reading