Smeg washing machine: Do your laundry in Fab Retro style


Gone are the days when household appliances lacked in beauty and quite often hiding them away was the only solution. I don’t know about you, but I have vowed to have nothing in my home that is neither pretty nor useful at the same time. My washing machine might not be as charming as Smeg’s 50’s style model – a continuation of its famous reproduction of fridges – but it is nice and new, neatly placed behind a pretty curtain at the laundry area next to our kitchen, occupying our very small corridor. Continue reading


Norton Wing chair: Classic elegance with a breath of fresh air


Now that autumn has settled and winter is quite evidently on its way, spending more time at home is an effortless choice. Next to the word home for me, comes my favorite armchair, there where books and magazines will be read, music will be heard or some quiet times taking in all of life’s beauty will be reflected upon. I’m always attracted by good design, where simplicity and function go hand in hand, while aesthetics are discretely emphasized.

The Norton Wing Chair, designed by James Harrison and fully produced in Britain using traditional techniques, is an exceptional choice. Continue reading


Bana vase collection: Rough materials and sharp lines ready to embrace delicacy


Whether you like colorful flowers or minimalist green leaves to bring life to your home’s decor, the Bana Vase Collection is an unusual suggestion for their arrangement, which will open your eyes to many possibilities. The Bana vases come in groups of three or two and are in fact black hand painted tubes of steel cut diagonally so that they are never vertical – a feature which gives them a contemporary dynamic design. Continue reading


Vase salt & pepper mill set: Spice up your food and dining table alike


Spices make the food while details make the table setting, wouldn’t you agree? What’s a delicious chicken soup without salt, pepper and fresh herbs and what is a dining table with no stylish accessories like a good looking and well functioning pepper mill set? I think that you see my point. As I was on the lookout for the perfect one for our dining table I thought I’d share this wonderful find with you. Continue reading


Citybook modular shelving: home living with love


It is pretty possible that one of the first things you begun to draw as a little child were houses. You know, these super simple structures consisting of two – almost – parallel vertical lines and two more meeting each other on the top, forming the triangular roof. Being officially an adult since a few decades now, this uber simple design still manages to totally move me and in fact rock my world. Perhaps cause there is in fact no place like home in the world. Additionally perhaps there’s nothing like a child’s interpretation of the adult world. I’ve been so happy to be seeing lately, this simplified structure representing a house, incorporated in magnificent design. Like the Citybook bookcases, modular and flexible shelving design suitable for all kind of spaces. Continue reading


Gravity balance recliner: Feel light as a feather


A good posture seems to be directly related to our health, well being and how we feel. I guess I’m not a minority here often feeling cramped from too many hours of computer work sitting in front of a screen. Almost daily and even sometimes more than once per day yoga exercises are remarkably beneficial and enjoyable. Any additional help is more than welcome, which is exactly what I thought when seeing Peter Opsvik’s Gravity Balance Recliner. Continue reading


Galileo Telescope: A beautiful sight


The award-winning Galileo Telescope is a renovation of the exact telescope used by Mr Galilei to spot the phases of Venus, or Jupiter’s lesser-known moons. The tube is not only faithful to the exact length and focal distance used by Galileo, but also to the 17th Century material of choice – birch wood. The only differences are the use of modern optical lenses to optimize your view of the planets. The mechanics and stand are also made in metal, finished in white, which makes a lovely complement to the pale wood (and will match your Apple accessories). This telescope looks very different from most of the bulky black equipment on the market, but doesn’t scrimp on performance. Continue reading


Soma Water Filters: Carafes for design thirst


The Soma water filter brings a new concept to the market for filtering tap water at home. When you buy the Soma you are automatically enrolled for bimonthly deliveries of the biodegradable cartridges. Just replace these in the curvaceous glass carafe and drink away. Continue reading


Slate-Ish Tiles: Sustainable interior design just a stones’ throw away


The range of tiles from Slateish are composed of reclaimed Richelite or Paperstone, a high tech paper resin layer material (if you need more detail Google has your back). Aside from some directional jewellery, the brand specializes in tasteful, simple slate effect tiles for all uses.

The range comes in six unpretentious shapes, and there is no minimum order, so you can bring some sexy stone effect to even the smallest space. Of all the geometrical styles, our favorite is six-sided Hex, or three-sided Tri, which will both bring an understated cool to surfaces. The tiles are lightweight and easy to fix, in a selection of 3 earthy colors – Soot, Chocolate and Bark (slightly darker when painted with Bioshield sealant for waterproofing). Continue reading


Wooden Skandinavian Breakfast Plates: Refined Rural


This set of six Skandi inspired breakfast plates in natural wood echo northern hemisphere honesty and style at relaxed dinners or for quick lunches. The pieces are simply round and flat, with a grove to catch crumbs and drips, finished in a beveled edge. The look is quite aptly described by Rowen and Wren’s various collection titles – ‘Refined Rural’ or ‘Timeless Living’, as these are the sort of plates that are simply made, yet will always look sophisticated. Continue reading