Cable light: An unexpected hint of harbor in your home


I adore ceramic as a material, and Patrick Hartog’s ceramic cable lights made from un-glazed white earthenware are just perfect for our kitchen working area. The way the designer presents the electric cord, wrapped around the ceramic lampshade, is totally to my liking and the finishing touch of the metal ring on top is just perfect. It makes sure that the light is balanced, while it clearly connects to the mooring bollards created from strong metal widely seen on wharves, where Patrick was inspired to bring this beautiful lamp into life. I love me some connection to my country of origin – Greece – in my German home by the woods! Continue reading


Intimo secretary desk: intelligently designed & produced


It is really great to see designers more concerned not only with the design of a product, but in fact caring for the actual process of designing as well. Especially when elaborate thought is given to the production phase, keeping in mind the distribution of the product side by side. The Intimo secretary desk designed by Jannis Ellenberger is not only a clever and compact solution once assembled and discretely yet proudly standing at a corner of your home, but also it is intelligently produced. Continue reading


Lumio: An amazing illuminated book


Do you believe in dreams coming true? Perhaps – and hopefully – you believe in magic as well? Then understanding the magnificence characterizing this amazing creation will be easy! Lumio is a portable, rechargeable, powerful and “insanely” beautiful indoor and outdoor light, with the power to illuminate a dinner party while compact enough to fit into a bag! Yes, you heard well. Lumio is a pretty, cordless lamp, which unfolds from the shape of a book, seemingly by magic. As you may have well guessed, “magic” here stands for design excellence with absolute focus on functionality, while celebrating aesthetics. Continue reading


Broksonic Ultrasonic Humidifiers: The Line Between Style and Substance


With a fluid shape, the Ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser set from Broksonic makes its function clear. Its wavy, droplet form echoes the humidifier’s objective of distributing water vapor to soften a dry room. While many humidifiers are big boxy things, this collection clarifies that the pure function of an object does not govern how attractive or boring it will look. Continue reading


Haiku ceiling fan: high aesthetics


Design wise, most ceiling fans are just not my cup of tea, to say the least. Of course there are the mini floor versions which could be placed on furniture, quite often in a very sympathetic design which today we consider vintage and very often desirable. There has been not one case of a decent ceiling fan though. At least in my eyes. And when they came together with lighting, the outcome was even more dreadful.

I am so relieved to have found out about Haiku ceiling fans and their LED version. Should there ever emerge the need to incorporate a ceiling fan to what might be a summer house once, there is an alternative that will not only perform its duty in the finest of manners, it’ll also do it in complete elegance and discreteness, thanks to beautifully shaped curvy lines. Continue reading


RH Sconce lighting: previous century charm


Currently in the process of remaking our recently fit glossy white kitchen, dark shades of grey for just one wall and industrial lighting fitted on it seem to dominate my visions. An eternal lover of light and white paint, a simple and effective way of bringing in even more light through reflections, especially when winter approaches, dark tones and atmospheric lighting seem to attract me. When I stumbled upon the classic sconce lighting collection from RH, I felt I might have as well found a very good candidate to fulfill my plans. Continue reading


Industrial pipe desk and shelving: stylishly industrious


It is most likely that you have noticed the clever uses study steel pipes can have incorporated in design lately. They act mostly as support to keeping shelving and working surfaces in position. How do you like that? I find it a very welcoming alternative to floating shelves or just plain shelves secured on the walls with brackets. This Industrial Pipe Desk & Shelving unit is a great example. A piece that can be easily mixed in various styles other than obviously incorporated in an industrial look. Continue reading


Wanda bathtub: Spa quality at home


When it’s time for some relaxation, what better way to do that than by soaking up in warm water, beautiful aromas, even perhaps being surrounded by some candle light? Expensive spas in exotic places are certainly not the only way to achieve that, however wonderful it might be… All of that can take place just at home, in our bathrooms, there where design plays a strategic role, considering the fact that they are the places we visit first and last during our daily lives.

Quality of time is the key and for that functionality must meet aesthetics in its best possible ratio – So must have thought Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, the designers responsible for the gorgeous Wanda bath tub. Continue reading


Smeg washing machine: Do your laundry in Fab Retro style


Gone are the days when household appliances lacked in beauty and quite often hiding them away was the only solution. I don’t know about you, but I have vowed to have nothing in my home that is neither pretty nor useful at the same time. My washing machine might not be as charming as Smeg’s 50’s style model – a continuation of its famous reproduction of fridges – but it is nice and new, neatly placed behind a pretty curtain at the laundry area next to our kitchen, occupying our very small corridor. Continue reading


Norton Wing chair: Classic elegance with a breath of fresh air


Now that autumn has settled and winter is quite evidently on its way, spending more time at home is an effortless choice. Next to the word home for me, comes my favorite armchair, there where books and magazines will be read, music will be heard or some quiet times taking in all of life’s beauty will be reflected upon. I’m always attracted by good design, where simplicity and function go hand in hand, while aesthetics are discretely emphasized.

The Norton Wing Chair, designed by James Harrison and fully produced in Britain using traditional techniques, is an exceptional choice. Continue reading