White & White LED Clock: Bold, Very Bold

Big, bold numbers are the centerpiece of the White & White LED Clock from Kibardin Design. Set up in a 24 hour mode with three-dimensional classic digital numbers, the White & White clock simply cannot be left unnoticed. Continue reading


Rustic Storage Coffee Table: basically beautiful

Wood is the magical material for design and it is best left un-manipulated for the most part. Maybe a few ornaments or a couple of beveled edges. But wood, especially if it’s solid, not some pulp material, is beautiful by itself. It was used by the master carpenters of old, and it should remain basically unchanged. Continue reading


Twist Decanter: Watching Wine Pour

Wait until the guests are here before you pour a new bottle of wine into the Twist Decanter. Or, you could always entertain yourself, too. The glass decanter is like a frozen tornado. It is designed with a deep pinch between the base and the top that twist the glass into a spiral. I would imagine that when the wine pours into the decanter, it begins to swirl like a fantasy dream sequence in film. Continue reading


Twist Whisk: Hidden Design

Kitchen appliances are something of a fetish for me, and I can never find enough kitchen activities to justify buying as many as I want to. But I must, must find a use for the Twist Whisk. A convertible contraption, the Twist Whisk can expand or contract depending on how you want to use it. Continue reading


MK1 Transforming Coffee Table: Configuring Comfort

The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table is exceedingly simple but outrageously complex all at the same time. In the city where apartment space is minimal if almost feeling non-existent sometimes, the MK1 is desperately needed. At once a coffee table and a dining table, this multi-purpose piece of furniture can switch to one or the other depending on how space is needed. Continue reading


Long Horn Deluxe Excess Sofa: Focusing on Comfort

Danish Modern design is exceptional at minimalism. They take the essence of a piece of furniture and strip away everything else. The Long Horn Deluxe Excess Sofa, by Danish designer Per Weiss, is a perfect example of this. With its broad design and exceedingly comfortable look, the Long Horn Sofa uses its stark, gray fabric finish to hold-off on startling you and bring you into complete comfort. Continue reading


Form Teapot: Old World Design

The Form Teapot from Tom Dixon is something I would like, and I expect myself to get one soon. It is a marvel of restrained design with all the appeal coming from the bare material and simple shape. Continue reading


Urban Studio Apartment Design Desk: For the Space Constrained

I will be honest: I live in an absolutely tiny studio apartment in New York City. I’m not the only person in this apartment, so space is even more constrained. And I’m always looking for new designs that cleverly maximize the amount of space I do have. And, given that I work from home, I need a good desk.

So, I’m very pleased to find the Urban Studio Apartment Design Desk. For one reason, I have a profound love of bare-wood designs, and for another reason, like I said, I have no space. But the Design Desk address these dimensions like a complete professional. Continue reading


Double Dish: Two in One

With some innovative kitchen engineering, the Double Dish is actually a bowl made for separating your spent shells and pits from the olives and nuts you might be enjoying. In the center of the main bowl is a dish that serves as the main compartment for all the snacks you want to store. Then, the body of the bowl is another receptacle for your spent bits. Continue reading


Swell: Somewhere Between Beanbag and a Puff Pastry

The Swell, a marvelous chair from Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, is something between a classic beanbag chair and what I imagine sitting in a puff pastry would be like. The Swell resembles a delicate version of the old puffy thing we would sit in and play video games at our friends house. But the more mature feature of the Swell is its cage that conforms the lose beanbag to a formal seat. Continue reading