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The Sidecar

If you love serving up cocktails, you are bound to be impressed by the Sidecar. Created with exceptional attention to detail, the Sidecar has everything a bartender needs, yet on a smaller scale. The design of the Sidecar is that of old school elegance. It’s made from wood and has large sections covered in leather. It also has elements of brass that give it the final royal touch. The high quality of the materials used ensures that the Sidecar will last for decades and age beautifully.

The Sidecar is a collaboration between designers Moore & Giles and barman Jim Meehan. Much of its appeal lies in its detail. For example the tabletop has two leather padded shelves that deaden the sound of moving bottles and reinforce the strength of the surface from wear and tear. Also, the shelves where the bottles are stored have leather coated hexagonal brass handles that provide superior steering and a firm grip. Furthermore, the butcher block-like bar top is sealed to prevent stains and has a designated space for spillage.

The Sidebar is made from Virginia Black Walnut and Birch wood, Virginia Natural and Virginia Tobacco leather and Aluminum and Brass metals. Its dimensions are 49” W x 36.5” H x 23” D.



Design: Moore & Giles and barman Jim Meehan
Photography courtesy of Moore & Giles

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