Parisian Loft LK: City of Light


This Parisian loft takes the city of light to new heights. Architect Olivier Chabaud has created distinctly outlined spaces that are flooded with light. It’s a linear loft, with the luxury of terraces on both ends. Sky lights grace the open kitchen, dining, and living areas that seem to spill outside. Continue reading


Surry Hills Warehouse: Gallery Loft in Sydney, Australia


This incredible loft has been carefully carved out of an old warehouse. Two courtyards were created by opening the roof and a new building was added. The interplay of levels and the mastery of light, day light and artificial, climate, and ventilation were key elements to display the owner’s extensive art collection. Continue reading


Franklin St Loft: Bright Bohemian


I never tire of loft design when the original spirit of the building is left intact. And there’s something so romantic about reviving a potentially lost soul. This bright loft in New York City is the ideal collection of quirky, funky, bohemian carefree living with flair. Continue reading


Bond Street Loft: New York City Suave Style


This sophisticated loft is fittingly styled for a man who shares the name of its location, Bond Street. James Bond would feel right at home in this smooth, elegant, subtle space. It’s like a finely tailored suit that changes its accessories from room to room. The urbane warm grey monochromatic palette of ashen wood floors and rough concrete walls is punctuated by crystal and mirror and velvet and fur. Continue reading


Tiny Loft with Big Storage


I’m always impressed by the clever use of a compact space. And I’m even more impressed when providing all the creature comforts you’re left with the luxury of volume and room to breathe. In this gabled space bathed in white and light from sky lights above and windows on both sides you’ll never feel crowded. Continue reading


Church Conversion in The Netherlands: Cheeky Chapel


You’ve seen those reverent church conversions that seem to have been carried out with fear of spiritual retribution. You know the ones that praise design elements that are not always praise-worthy. Well this transformation is completely unique and fearless. The 1928 church in the Netherlands is now a residential homage to humor, color, and modern design. Continue reading


Manhattan micro loft: on top of New York City’s roof


Given the remarkable way in which a footprint of just 425 sq ft has been put into excellent use in this small loft located on the top of a Manhattan’s Upper West Side brownstone building, the title “micro – loft” is but a humble way to describe it. Taking advantage of the space’s 25 feet height and the lucky event of it having access to a roof terrace, architect Specht Harpman and his design team successfully created four separate living platforms inserted within the space, providing rooms for all the essentials while still allowing the apartment to feel open and light filled. Continue reading


Houston Downtown Loft for Every Age


Since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted to restore the huge brick former furniture factories of my home town. Thankfully this is happening to abandoned factories all over the country and here’s an exquisite example. Designer Kristina Wilson took the basic loft formula of concrete structure + brick walls + wood floors + large windows = fabulous and mixed in personality from distinctly different eras. Note how the color is all in the furnishings and the white walls and structure provide a canvas. Continue reading


P13: energized life in a mini loft in Bratislava


How about a little trip to Bratislava in order to witness ourselves the magical transformation of a not so inspiring one bedroom apartment to a lively, comfortable mini loft? Thanks to demolishing walls and completely removing the bathroom, a new floor plan was able to be designed, creating a cool tiny living space of no more than 44 square meters. Continue reading


A Stunning loft in Budapest


Lofts and open space apartments are gaining more and more attention, becoming favorite among interior design lovers and artistic people. Here is a stunning example, located in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest. It unfolds in 200sqm and in case you are dreaming of owning and living in such a space, it can be yours with an exchange of €600.000, all furniture included. Continue reading