tealight holder set faro1 50x50 - Faro Tealight Holder Set: Light Glow

Faro Tealight Holder Set: Light Glow


Imagine yourself spending the evening outside on the porch, relaxing with your loved ones, enjoying good food and wine. To complete the last piece of this perfect picture you need the right kind of lighting, and the Faro Tealight Holder Set is the missing piece.

This set features three holders in gradating sizes, all with sturdy and softly brushed stainless steel bases. Frosted glass shades with clear glass shades and ribbed inner holders in a deep, contrasting finish will give a touch of elegance and spread a soft glow all around. Continue reading

candle holders valencia 2 - Gaia & Gino Valencia Collection: Crystal Light

Gaia & Gino Valencia Collection: Crystal Light


If you wish to play around with a room’s ambiance – light is the way to go. If you wish to do so in the most elegant way you better check out the gorgeous Valencia candle holders collection from Gaia & Gino.

This decorative candle & tealight holder set is made of hand polished and sandblasted optical glass, exploring – through shapes, incisions and sanding – the variations of light effect on crystal. The different techniques create playful effects that allow us to discover the magic of light inside crystal structures. Continue reading

oil lamp glass ww - Glass oil lamps: illuminate the atmosphere

Glass oil lamps: illuminate the atmosphere


I love candles, I think that they create a wonderful atmosphere and I use them a lot either as centerpieces or as an alternative to traditional lighting. The downside of using them is when we’re sitting outside and there’s a breeze, or if I want to place them on a shelf or mantelpiece I always have to clear the area around the open flame.

The Wind & Weather Oil Lamps are a great alternative. These glass oil lamps feature a chamber sphere suspended from a glass rod within a glass tower. This is very clever because the tower protects the flame, which means I can use the lamps outside without them blowing out and I can also use them inside without fearing I’ll set the house on fire. Continue reading

candle holder set heima 2 - Heima Candle Holders: Light House

Heima Candle Holders: Light House


Candles can go either way – on their own, plain on the surface or inside a decorative candle holder. If you wish to bring out the full presence of your candles you should use holders. For class and style, you should use the Heima set from Normann Copenhagen.

Inspired by the Nordic culture of using candlelight combined with the cast iron arts and crafts of the 1950s, the Heima candle holder set feature a recognizable design and pay tribute to industrial craftsmanship and to the Nordic traditions. The uneven, almost cold surface gives the Heima candlestick character, while the rounded shapes make the design modern. The minimalist candlesticks are sculptural and make an elegant and stylish addition to both modern and classic home decors. Continue reading

candle holders brighttimes - Tord Boontje Bright Times: Best of Times

Tord Boontje Bright Times: Best of Times


From all aspects of design, I believe light is one of the most important ones. Light can create the exact ambiance you want, it can maximize a space, or minimize it as you please. Light can bring out a cheerful atmosphere or create a serious vibe. In many ways, light means life. When I saw Tord Boontje’s Bright Times set, I thought to myself: This is probably one of the most unique, exquisite candle holder designs I’ve seen in quite some time. Continue reading

candle holders set galerie - Galerie Candleholders: Set The Mood

Galerie Candleholders: Set The Mood


Votive candle holders are decorative items usually used to create a special atmosphere at the dinner table or decorate any corner of the room with its sophisticated, elegant presence.

Featuring glass and stainless steel, this set of 2 candle holders by Menu, is much more than just a decorative votive holder. This versatile item can change according to its content and by that change the ambiance according to your desire. You can set it up for a romantic dinner or for a light supper outside in the garden. You cannot go wrong; whatever you do, this item will bring style, chic and allure. Continue reading

log fireplace light - Log Light: A Fireplace Replacement

Log Light: A Fireplace Replacement


With the summer heat still beating down, it seems rather out of place to be talking about this Realistic Fireplace Log Substitute. However, the main attraction in this case is the effect and ambiance that this artificial log fire produces, rather than providing heat. Continue reading

tea light holder trees - Tree Lights Treeflections

Tree Lights Treeflections


The light and shadow created by the natural flicker of this decorative light, create a big and beautiful overall ambiance in any room.

Sam Johnson, a young designer from the UK, was inspired by the miniature figures and trees used in architectural models, making the size ratio 1:50. He is a great believer in diversifying his approach to each new item, fully understanding that there are always new problems to solve and new techniques to explore, as well as new materials with which to experiment. Continue reading

candle holders moodflame 2 - Mood Flame Candle Holders

Mood Flame Candle Holders


There’s nothing like lighting a few candles to create a relaxing atmosphere, both at home and in your garden. ‘Mood Flame’ is a decorative colorful tea light holder made from silicone for both indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading

candleholder double - XL Double Candleholder

XL Double Candleholder


Designed by Mikaela Dörfel for Menu, this luxurious double candle holder is quite impressive! It’s 2 feet (60 cm) tall and looks like a luxurious sculpture, inspired by dance and movement. Continue reading