boutique hotel lounge design oslo 1000x668 - Aparthotel Oslo

Aparthotel Oslo

Looking for a cute-as-a-button house/hotel combo? Aparthotel Oslo is a fabulously fresh take on the YMCA, and fits the bill without running you a steep one. Continue reading

colorful interior design entry bfdo 1000x727 - Crown Heights Brownstone

Crown Heights Brownstone

Set in Brooklyn, NY, Crown Heights Brownstone levels up the wow-factor on every floor within. With glossy stonework from the front, and wood and brick dimensions along the back – the exterior of this home is its own delicious display of architectural design. Continue reading

nyc townhouse design facade - Manhattan's First Passive House

Manhattan’s First Passive House

Located on the Upper West Side of one of New York’s five boroughs, Manhattan’s First Passive House is a grand display of what a townhouse can truly be – regal, modern and tantalizingly textured. Continue reading

hillside home design facade 1000x666 - Abercorn Chalet

Abercorn Chalet

Modern and functional collide in this fabulous hillside home, fueled by texture, accent colors and sheer size. Fashioned out of Montreal, Canada, near the Vermont border, this unique dwelling was the creation of Laurent Guez, who desired to have a cozy and creative cohabit in one all-consuming space. Continue reading

modern home design exterior tva 1000x667 - Gafarim House

Gafarim House

Provocative, is how I would describe Gafarim House. From the impeccably clean exterior lines, painted white among thick black framed windows, to the smooth as glass pool, which sits flush with the patio; the quiet allure of this modern home speaks volumes. Continue reading

brick home extension design jl 1000x667 - Nat's House

Nat’s House

Bring your sunglasses because Nat’s House shines bright like a diamond with its new brick kitchen-dining extension. Continue reading

circular beach house design ama 1000x750 - St Andrews Beach House

St Andrews Beach House

St Andrews Beach house is set along an Australian shoreline amidst the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Transforming the landscape with its round wooden exterior, it is an unusual space amidst these forested foothills. Continue reading

live work studio glass doors design ym - Studio Loft

Studio Loft

Live / Work spaces are becoming a popular choice worldwide, and Studio Loft in Izmir, Turkey, is one such space. Continue reading

modern cabin design cw - Alpine Noir Chalet

Alpine Noir Chalet

With a simple color palette of black, white and whitewashed wood, this modern funky cabin is a conglomeration of functional and fabulous, right from the egg-basket entranceway patio chair. Continue reading

small cottage extension design md 1000x667 - Split End House

Split End House

Constructed with a heady display of richly stained Australian timber along with dense black framing, this small cottage extension is a Melbourne delight through and through. Continue reading