modern penthouse apartment deck 1000x667 - Penthouse F6.1

Penthouse F6.1

Designed by Objectum, Penthouse F6.1 is a cross-shaped bungalow that sits atop an apartment building, offering an ideal getaway with magnificent views over the city of Prague. Continue reading

apartment design blue brick wall 1000x667 - Ovenecka Apartment

Ovenecka Apartment

Designed by SMLX, Ovenecka Apartment is a pretty little thing located near Letna Square in Prague, and is known as ‘home’ to the young couple that lives here. Standing (horizontally) tall at just over 1000 square feet, this space is largely monochromatic, offset by splashes of electric blue within each room. Continue reading

gaming workstation x3 1000x1000 - The X series

The X series

Welcome to “The X Series”, a workstation steeped in science fiction and staged for online gaming and wonder-workings. Designed by Svyatoslav Zbroy in order to combine technology, functionality and comfort, the X Series has reworked the wheel – so to speak. Continue reading

modern fireplace design 1000x667 - Prairie House

Prairie House

What was once a standard, 1950s single-family home, thanks to Naturehumaine is now a St-Lambert, Quebec special filled with natural light, stonework, woodwork and beautiful features from end-to-end. Continue reading

automatic guitar tuner 1000x667 - Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Whether you’re a rockstar wanna-be or a true guitar strumming savant, the Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner will be your new best friend. This tool has the ability to tune your instrument by simply connecting it to your guitar peg and strumming the string. From there, allow it to do its thing, which is tune your guitar to tonal-perfection. Continue reading

modern hillside house side 1000x667 - Invermay House

Invermay House

Wood, and concrete, and vistas – oh my! This is just one of many things someone might say of this hillside family home; a delightful abode designed by Molony Architects. Continue reading

modern family home living akb 1000x715 - Summerhill House

Summerhill House

The Summerhill House is a midtown Toronto home that is delightfully contemporary; with clean lines, soft edges, and function galore for the family of three who dwell here. Continue reading

hillside lake house mua 1000x667 - The Slender House

The Slender House

This beautiful hillside lake house is a robust home with grand views from nearly every room, along with gorgeous symmetry and an idyllic layout throughout. Located just outside of Montreal, Canada, this linear space is perched along the shores of Lake Memphremagog, and looks nothing short of Nirvana. Continue reading

modern cottage pergola deck 1000x692 - Gable House

Gable House

From the front exterior, Gable House looks like your average Edwardian timber dwelling; but step inside and prepare yourself for what this Sandringham located home has in store. Continue reading

modern cube house na 1000x644 - The Gjøvik House

The Gjøvik House

This minimalist Scandinavian creation, handcrafted by Norm Architects, sits on the foothills of Norway, an hour out of the city of Oslo. This Norwegian beauty simply extends natures allure and is a modern wonder amidst a majestic forest. Continue reading