modern country home design fire pit arb 1000x643 - House in Silhouette

House in Silhouette

Dressed in white inside and out, and accessorized by exterior black trim and interior black window frames, an ebony kitchen island and ash fireplace insert – this country home is a classic beauty with modern appeal. Continue reading

home extension roof design psa 1000x686 - Forrest Street Extension

Forrest Street Extension

From concept to completion, this new home extension is an example of what Philip Stejskal Architecture, can do, turning a suburban house into a superb home. Continue reading

elegant soft interior design ba 1000x752 - Parsley Bay Residence

Parsley Bay Residence

Situated on Sydney’s Parsley Bay, this charming harbor home is awash with white walls, flooring and furniture, featuring contrasting black-framed windows, archways, breakfast nook, fireplace inserts – and more, to create a monochromatic flow that is beautifully soft and elegant. Continue reading

tiny home design entry td 1000x667 - Type St Apartment

Type St Apartment

At only 377 square feet, this tiny living space has done a lot with a little, providing a plethora of hidden and useful storage throughout, and maximizing on the vertical space seamlessly. Continue reading

beach cottage extension design deck ima 1000x667 - Not So Shabby Shack

Not So Shabby Shack

Set in the township of Queenscliff, just outside of Victoria, Australia; this beach cottage timber clad extension is a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

master suite bathroom design cw2 1000x666 - Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Reconstructing a 1912 attic space, was what Casework was put to task with within Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery – and reconstruct they did! Continue reading

laptop case whiteboard hustlecase 1000x666 - HustleCase


Remember the old Etch-a-Sketch? HustleCase is the kinda-sorta new version of that, with less twists and turns, and more manual pen action! Offering you an on-the-go whiteboard that is fitted to your Mac, this simple yet ingenious laptop case allows you to mind-map, sketch and productively doodle your day away to your heart’s content. Continue reading

mountainside house design aca 1000x667 - Residence Le Nid

Residence Le Nid

Sitting high above the St. Lawrence River, along the coastline of Charlvoix just outside of Montreal, Canada, rests Residence Le Nid. This cliff-side home offers sweeping views through ample black-framed windows, and blends nicely with its timber tiered surrounding courtesy of the wooden exterior that compliments the scenery. Continue reading

home extension design ama - Grant House

Grant House

Grant House is part creative playhouse, part functional fort. A narrow single-story terrace home has been redesigned with a new extension for kitchen, living and dining spaces, infused with mesh stair railways, netted sitting nooks, and a hidden rooftop room – all found through a metal doorway, leading to an outdoor sitting area that is entirely Zen. Continue reading

modern family home design exterior nh - Des Érables residence

Des Érables residence

Des Érables residence turns great Canadian maple into great Canadian architecture, refurbishing a duplex in Montreal into this single family home – drenched in maple plywood, simplistic taste and visual delights. Continue reading