open living space interiors elp 1000x667 - ELP Apartment Renovation

ELP Apartment Renovation

Set in Porto, Portugal, standing within just a touch over 1500 square feet, this open living space apartment has been beautifully transformed from darkness into the light. Continue reading

eclectic home design dd 1000x667 - Fitzroy Street Residence

Fitzroy Street Residence

Fitzroy Street is eclectic charm and charisma all wrapped into one. With an exterior facade that is unassuming, delivering a pseudo dilapidated appeal – which is actually part of its charm, as it has been restored to its original state; mismatching the gleaming modern and traditional elements melded within. Continue reading

small modern cottage ww 1000x750 - House SE

House SE

House SE is where weird and wonderful collide. Once a small worker’s cottage, this minimalist dwelling offers everything one would need, while being visually appealing with all the ‘wants’ as well. Continue reading

duplex loft living space mka - House like Village

House like Village

Who knew a harbor cantina could be transformed into such a livable/workable open space gem? Marc Koehler Architects, that’s who. Also referred to as MKA, this design firm has taken an Amsterdam original, and turned it into large loft apartments that have beautifully maintained their industrial feel without feeling whatsoever sterile. Continue reading

tiny extension townhouse nda 1000x1333 - BLACK BOX II


Black Box II is a brilliant display of the “tiny home” movement that is making waves globally, and although it’s not exactly small in actual size, the concept is still intact. Continue reading

london townhouse redesign lli 1000x667 - Highgate Hill Townhouse

Highgate Hill Townhouse

Highgate Hill is all things crisp, clean and balanced. Winner of the Interior Design category at the UK Property Awards, this London space shines like the winner it is, and offers exquisite design throughout. Continue reading

eclectic cottage design ba 1000x667 - Shoreham Cottage

Shoreham Cottage

Shoreham Cottage is a 1920’s revamp, which has been beautifully redesigned as a weekend home for an Australian couple and their adult children to enjoy any time of year. Continue reading

two lake houses design apa 1000x659 - The Sisters

The Sisters

Located alongside a secluded lake outside of Montreal, Canada, The Sisters is the cutest home ever created in La Malbaie, in my opinion. Continue reading

sustainable cottage renovation ad 1000x667 - Melbourne Vernacular

Melbourne Vernacular

Well hello my pretty, don’t mind if I do enjoy your visual pleasures! Is what comes to mind when taking in all that is the quaint perfection of this sustainable cottage renovation in Melbourne, AU. Continue reading

modern architecture house 1000x1000 - ED&JO House

ED&JO House

The modern architecture marvel by NoArq, is an exterior display of smooth white ribbon and an interior array of calming wood floors, sheer white walls and glass banister partitions. Continue reading