coffee tea cup thoughts2 50x50 - My cup of thoughts

My cup of thoughts


Are you a tea drinker? A coffee drinker perhaps? A conversation seeker? The answer being yes, you are reading the right post cause I have a cup of… thoughts for you today. A cup encouraging communication, point of view exchanges, while enjoying our favorite hot drinks.

In the presence of company, it is a conversation starter. In case of sipping alone, it is a thought provocateur. Dare to question life’s aspects by combining the words on the cup with those on the saucer. Isn’t that fun and in a way ingenious? Continue reading

espresso maker presso 22 50x50 - Presso: manual espresso maker

Presso: manual espresso maker


Are you a coffee lover? Then for sure familiarizing yourself with the old fashioned future of coffee will fascinate you! Why old fashioned? Cause you can forget all about electricity, while brewing great espresso.

Yes, indeed you can.
Meet Presso, the revolutionary and environmentally friendly non electric espresso machine! A manual coffee maker that lets you brew quality espresso using nothing but water, ground beans and just a little brute strength. It’s energy efficient, completely recyclable and did I already mention absolutely charming? Continue reading

geo thermos normann42 50x50 - Geo thermos: essential lines entertained by fun colors

Geo thermos: essential lines entertained by fun colors


When a thermos gets in the hands – ruled by the mind – of a designer like Nicholai Wigg Hansen, the least one can expect is seemingly effortless excellence. Nicholai, a designer who has had his own design studio since he was 26, has designed Geo for Normann Copenhagen and it’s fast becoming a favorite central coffee table piece able to hold both hot and cold drinks. Continue reading

tea infuser evasolo egg2 50x50 - Tea Egg: ... an egg in your tea cup?!

Tea Egg: … an egg in your tea cup?!


Eva Solo Collection is without a doubt one of our favorites here. From the living, bath and outdoor section to the cooking and serving one – We absolutely love the simplicity, distinct lines and high degree of functionality characterizing their Danish designed products.

Today, we are serving cups of tea here! Quite cozy don’t you find? With autumn already having started in the part of the globe from where these lines are written, all I can think of is indulging in refreshing cups of excellent tea during work hours in my home office, only to drink some more tea later, in the evening in order to relax and make my way to bed prepared for sweet dreams. Continue reading

coffee brewing machine2 50x50 - Top brewer: how many seconds for the best cup of espresso?

Top brewer: how many seconds for the best cup of espresso?


Enjoying a rather slow way of life in our current super fast, racing modern societies seems to be a trend, so being astonished by a… coffee brewing machine’s speed might come as a surprise. Especially one which simultaneously aims at serving the highest possible quality coffee in the smallest division of the… minute ever!

Scanomat’s Top brewer, with its breathtakingly simple sculptural design, is a revolutionary product that took countless hours to come to life, in which high efficiency and quality coexist. It marries the making of amazing different kind of coffees with details to perfection and all that in a matter of 15 or 25 seconds, depending on the kind of coffee we are talking about. A filter coffee, an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte or perhaps an Macchiato among few others. Continue reading

coffee picnic set handpresso2 50x50 - Handpresso Outdoor Set: freshly pressed coffee anytime everywhere

Handpresso Outdoor Set: freshly pressed coffee anytime everywhere


Here is something for the coffee lovers to enjoy! A portable espresso machine to take everywhere with, from the office to Sunday’s picnic to the weekend trip.
Asides from moving the interest of every coffee lover, especially those who love hand pressing their own cup of espresso, this absolutely stylishly designed set will also not leave the design lovers unmoved. I’m totally fallen. How about you? Continue reading

tea kettle xo - The XO Kettle Has It All

The XO Kettle Has It All


As a big fan of tea, I do a lot of water boiling at my place. I have an electric kettle that I like because of how little time it takes to boil water, but I absolutely despise the cord. Cords and wires are so disruptive, aesthetically speaking, you know? Plus, electric kettles are usually pretty bulky accessories. So sometimes I use my stove top kettle, which is much prettier, but it takes much longer to reach boiling point. If only there was something in between. Enter XO kettle by Eva Solo. Continue reading

home espresso machine rs le1 - Rancilio Silvia Home Espresso Machine: Good Morning!

Rancilio Silvia Home Espresso Machine: Good Morning!


There’s one thing that makes the difference between a regular morning from a good morning and that’s a good cup of coffee. Lately my espresso machine makes my coffee taste like mud, and believe me it affects my mood for the entire day. So I decided to purchase a new espresso machine, and boy o’ boy this gorgeous home espresso machine, by the famous Rancilio Silvia, does not only make a ‘mean’ espresso, it also makes my morning the best part of the day! Continue reading

alessi miniature kettle - Alessi Hot Bertaa Miniature Kettle: small and classic

Alessi Hot Bertaa Miniature Kettle: small and classic


Alessi is famous for their approach to design, producing practical everyday objects that combine functionality and a powerful sense of style, almost poetic and usually with a humorous twist.

Once again Alessi has come up with a novel idea and developed a series named “Miniature” – perfectly reproducing the shape and the material of the classic Alessi products that have become design icons. Eleven “best-sellers”, carefully chosen from the very top of the range, the most successful projects created over the course of the last 60 years, from the “Bombé” teapot by Carlo Alessi (1945) to the “Mami” saucepan by Stefano Giovannoni (1999).

Thanks to this series, I can now afford to add to my collection of Alessi items, or at least add “samples” of them. Continue reading

glass kettle teapot menu2 - Kettle Teapot: The Art of Living

Kettle Teapot: The Art of Living


In a way, the world is divided in two – tea lovers and coffee lovers. With that said, every tea lover and even a coffee lover will be able to appreciate the Kettle Teapot. This is a unique teapot, which combines east and west in a very sophisticated and delicate design.

It’s made of glass, featuring a tea infuser that hangs by a silicone string in the center of the teapot – a special feature is the teapot’s transparency that grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. The entire drinking experience is given a whole new meaning to relaxation, enjoying the moment itself and allowing yourself a cup of soothing tea – the art of living. Continue reading