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My cup of thoughts


Are you a tea drinker? A coffee drinker perhaps? A conversation seeker? The answer being yes, you are reading the right post cause I have a cup of… thoughts for you today. A cup encouraging communication, point of view exchanges, while enjoying our favorite hot drinks.

In the presence of company, it is a conversation starter. In case of sipping alone, it is a thought provocateur. Dare to question life’s aspects by combining the words on the cup with those on the saucer. Isn’t that fun and in a way ingenious?

But to speak more accurately, this cup, designed by Annelys de Vet for Droog, is ingenious mostly because it is the outcome of an investigative economic program, which attempts to put into good use stock that has remained unused. It is an upgraded form of recycling, or up-cycling, based on redesigning a product that didn’t have much luck on its first, original form.

The agent behind this is the company Up. Thanks to them, leftover goods are treated as a raw material for creative reinterpretation in order to bring left overs back into circulation. So what do you think about that? Or should I better ask what are your thoughts on this cup?


* More info at droog

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