tea infuser evasolo egg2 50x50 - Tea Egg: ... an egg in your tea cup?!

Tea Egg: … an egg in your tea cup?!


Eva Solo Collection is without a doubt one of our favorites here. From the living, bath and outdoor section to the cooking and serving one – We absolutely love the simplicity, distinct lines and high degree of functionality characterizing their Danish designed products.

Today, we are serving cups of tea here! Quite cozy don’t you find? With autumn already having started in the part of the globe from where these lines are written, all I can think of is indulging in refreshing cups of excellent tea during work hours in my home office, only to drink some more tea later, in the evening in order to relax and make my way to bed prepared for sweet dreams.

As you may have well assumed, the whole process of making tea is an important and pleasant ritual. From the choice of tea cups or mugs to the serving phase, to the unique accessories involved. Speaking of which, I would have never imagined that an egg would find its way in my tea cup!

Well, when good design talks, everything is possible. So I accumulate the leaves of my preferred tea in the stainless steel part of this clever device and then I attach the plastic part of it, just with a light press in order to lock it well. After it dives into the day’s favorite mug, my tea is ready to be brewed on the spot!

Mine is colored in leaf green cause it simply matches so wonderfully with all the herbs and plants inhabiting our winter garden, where in fact my home studio office is. Not that I don’t like the second color it is offered, cause you can never go wrong with the elegant choice of black, can you? Perhaps it’s time for a second one to come live with us, as my husband is an avid tea drinker, too. And I know he’d appreciate black. Perfect. I love me good excuses for home shopping.

And you? Are you an avid tea drinker? What do you think of this oddly impressive tea infuser?


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