Who will be crowned World Interior of the Year 2014?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for INSIDE World Festival of Interiors design awards ceremony in October at Singapore’s most spectacular Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This year’s awards consist of 60 nominations from 21 countries across nine categories; from Creative Re-use, Hotels and Residential, to Offices, Retail, Bars & Restaurants, and more – Check out our favorite nominees.

* Pictured above is Harrods Escalator Hall in London, designed by Make Architects. The stunning centrepiece glass chandelier was designed by sculptor Dale Chihuly. Continue reading


MA Residence

I can picture this 55 sq.m. home and its luxurious furnishings when it was built in Moscow, prior to the revolution. Now its classic and stunning bones have been maintained to create a contemporary home with a new definition of luxury. Continue reading


Eco-Essential Pen: pen, pencil and stylus

Sometimes it seems like bamboo was engineered for modern furniture and accessories. It’s abundant, grows with an outrageous speed, and can be formed into just about anything you’ll want. Adding to the dual-functioning delight of the Eco-Essential Pen is the attractive bamboo cap to the core. At once a pen and also a stylus for tablets and smartphones, the Eco-Essential Pen is compact and efficient. Continue reading



The Interchange house in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates the give and take of traditional and contemporary residential design. Instead of creating the ever so familiar front yard and back yard, the home revolves around a central courtyard. You won’t find the predictable front porch and attention grabbing front door. The two-story house is grounded by a stark white first floor. A vertical window pierces one side, opposite the metal covered entrance and door. The street facade of the second level is virtually all floor-to-ceiling glass, framed in a wide band of aluminum. Horizontal timbers wrap the corner near the entrance door. Continue reading


Aether Cone: Classic or Futuristic

There are certain things we should keep from classic design, but we should always remember that modern works, too. Aether Cone, a stunning example of old and new together, is a wireless-enabled speaker that can play music and podcasts via an iOS7 device. Continue reading


Tiny Sodermalm Apartment: 1 and a half rooms with a view

I’m always amazed at the stylish ways to make the most of what many would consider spatially challenged spaces. This small three room apartment in Stockholm does it again. Perhaps it’s the enviable tall ceilings and herringbone wood floors that provide a solid foundation and inspiration to make the most of them. Generous windows provide volume-increasing day light. Continue reading


Ready Made Curtain

Not often do I wonder how I can improve my curtains. They are very stark, almost ugly, and functional. I think about installing new ones because they don’t block enough of the ambient streetlight in my neighborhood. Continue reading


Paivarinne house

In the Finnish countryside at the intersection of a forest and a cultivated orchard, a family with three children built a generous home of 220 sq. m. It’s an honest and straightforward two story structure with a gently pitched gable roof. Resting at the top of a rolling hill, this holiday home takes great advantage of the view. Continue reading


Private House Home and Studio

Creating a cozy home of 600 sq.m. may be daunting. Though with skillful manipulation of light and volume, it can be achieved, and artfully so. The blank and bland original concrete structure has been transformed in to a sophisticated modern home. The voluminous spaces are retained and defined by subtle changes in flooring; from wood planks to large slabs of tile in shades of sand and deep charcoal. Raw square concrete columns are left exposed. Continue reading


Meze 11 Deco Earphones: Contemporary Craftsmanship

Nestled in my palm is a circular white pouch adorned with the silver logo of Meze. It looks and feels like an elegant accessory sparking my curiosity to see what lies inside. Inside, a stylish pair of earphones combine a handcrafted beech wood enclosure with delicate silvery tips. Now, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but this combination intrigued me to try them on. And boy am I glad I did! Continue reading