House P: Living History in Berlin

Berlin is the home of this thoughtfully reconstructed historic home. The client’s choice in architect was none other than the vibrant Thomas Kroger of the firm TKA. On the outside, this home has retained its historic elegant facade. Upon entering this stately home, I am awestruck by its thoughtful partnership of old world details and contemporary aesthetics. The paired down palette of color, detail and finishes all add up to a sophisticated yet understated combination that simply works. Continue reading


Atriumhaus: Mod Pod In Berlin

Having been a fan of the mid century modernist era for the past two decades, I was delighted to discover this home in Berlin’s famous Hansaviertel district. Continue reading


Itamar’s Cave

Designer and artist Itamar Paloge carved his own home in to a mountain side in Jerusalem. His extensive studies and experience in a variety of creative endeavors, including jewelry, sculpture, and classical drawings are evident here. For it seems that only a skilled artist can happily live without unnecessary ornamentation. Here the lack of rigid geometry along with the texture and imperfections of nature and hand craftsmanship create unparalleled warmth. Continue reading


Micro USB ClipOn Cable: No Tangles, Get the Job Done

Until it becomes common that you can just whisk information to your friends tablet through the air by sort of waving your smartphone around, you may want to use the Micro USB ClipOn Cable from Kanex. Continue reading


Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa: Greek Getaway

Located on the tiny island of Astypalaia, which is part of the chain of the Dodecanese islands of Greece, sits the incredible Pylaia Boutique Hotel. The Pylaia houses 26 rooms, each of which has been designed for maximum comfort. All rooms and suites have private balconies that overlook the Aegean Sea. Continue reading


The Modern THAI House

Thanks to Tuttle Publishing I had the pleasure of uncovering some of Thailand’s most beautiful houses. The wonderful book “The Modern THAI House” by Robert Powell aroused my curiosity to explore how today’s young architects deal with various challenges such as sustainability, natural cooling, cultural tradition, and the unique climate of Southeast Asia.

This book is a large hardcover (224 pages) depicting 25 amazing projects in the vicinity of Bangkok, Phuket and Chiangmai, featuring detailed plans and photos of amazing houses surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, water features, and magnificent sea views. Continue reading


Colletto Bed: A Nest to Sleep In

I’ve always felt a little unprotected in a bed. Childhood fears of monsters have held intact into adulthood, I’ll admit it. So I always have covers on my feet, but even this doesn’t seem to be a sufficient defense. Perhaps not designed with my childhood neurosis in mind, nevertheless, the Colletto Bed is the most interesting (and protective) place in which to sleep that I’ve seen. Continue reading


The Iceberg

When you think of waterfront apartments, you may imagine high rises that steal the show from every one behind them. Or perhaps images of quaint cottages come to mind. In this former container port of Aarhus, Denmark, the Iceberg apartment complex is neither of those. Yet it gives views to every resident of its 208 apartments without compromising future buildings and views. Continue reading


Hokka: A Delicious Box of Chocolates…

The location of this apartment renovation is in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a neighborhood filled with fashionable cafes, boutiques and galleries. The design team at Septembre was hired to spearhead this remodel. This 75 sq.m apartment reminds me of a lovely box of chocolates, each room has a distinct flavor and texture. As we enter, it is evident that the design aesthetic was to fulfill the homeowner’s quest for individuality. Continue reading


A Contemporary Photographer’s Loft

This photographer’s loft, located in a former manufacturing plant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, provides a seamlessly divided space for this homeowner’s commercial and residential requirements. The project team of Michael Chen and Kari Anderson has created a carefully edited and purpose driven abode. Michael Chen is a master at creating cleverly hidden storage spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Continue reading