Holiday House in Greece: Dream Home of Stone


This new home built of stone and timber in Greece is the stuff of dreams. Nothing compares to the warmth of thick stone walls soaking up the sun during the day and releasing the heat when the sun sets. Or imagine coming inside on a steamy summer day and feeling the coolness of the stone floor slabs under your bare feet. Continue reading

Pocket Projector Mobile: A Portable Theater


The Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile is capable of displays of up to 80 diagonal inches. This is bigger than most big screen TVs that cost a few thousand dollars and are stuck in their spot. At only a few hundred dollars, in a size no bigger than your palm, and able to project 1080p quality video, the Pocket Projector Mobile is like walking around with a movie theater. Continue reading

Little Lantern: Secretive Addition


In a park-like neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, a sweet limestone cottage of just 1,400 sq.ft. has been quietly enlarged, doubled in fact, to accommodate a modern family. The additions were designed with high respect to the original builder and character of the home and the area. Continue reading

Maison V: Life on the Seine


Picture life on the Seine in the French countryside…sprawling lawns, mature trees, and lush views from every bright spacious room in your newly revamped historic home. The fine bones of the original home remain in the volumes, the classic gable roofs, thick walls, and heavy timber framing. Yet the weight of the past has been removed and a pure and timeless sensibility remains. Continue reading

Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens: smartphone photography


I had no idea that people took iPhone photography so seriously that companies started to make additional lenses. But people do, and companies did. And now there is the Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens that is making me very excited for the future of smartphone photography. Continue reading

Modern Mountain Cabin: contemporary comfort


We probably all share images of a typical mountain cabin…knotty pine wood covering every permanent surface, plaid upholstery, and walls filled with stuffed heads and antlers. This family’s second home is not your average cabin. It offers all the comfort and warmth of a traditional cabin, with modern amenities and sensibilities. Continue reading

Nabi Square HD: For the Young Photographer


While GoPros are made for adrenaline-fueled adults, the nabi Square is a high-definition, pocket camera made just for kids. Outfitted with a water proof case, LCD screen, and a remote control, the nabi Square is perfect for the aspiring photojournalist, no matter how young they are. Continue reading

Ground and Above Roof House: Light Manipulation


In Osaka, Japan, this family home for a couple and their two children rises to meet the lack of privacy and day light. The double height volume of the ground floor offers a typical arrangement of a shared kitchenette, dining, and enclosed storage. Though you may miss those when you enter the glass front door and are face to face with an igloo like structure! Or is it an olive green tent? Continue reading

St Kilda House Renovation: A Family Home in Melbourne

Nina Jungbeck - Architectural Photography

St. Kilda, is one of Melbourne’s seaside playgrounds. Known for its culture of bohemianism and home to many prominent artists and musicians, is the site of this lovingly remodeled home. To avoid a lengthy permit and renovation process, this home was redesigned with its existing footprint. Removing walls and reassigning spaces, and adding large sliders facilitates the seamless interchange between interior and exterior spaces. Continue reading

EL: Table, Bookcase, Cabinet, What?


Designed by Konstantin Slawinski, the EL is a shapeshifter if it is a piece of furniture. Combination bookcase, table, cabinet, drawer, and counter, it is a chameleon of a desktop utility. The EL’s sectional module gives you the ability to shape and reshape the pieces to whatever configuration you need. Continue reading