How to design a web page?

“Professional Inner Pages Layout Website Design” is a part of our webdesign tips series. This webdesign-articles resource has been created for the webdesign community, web designers and programmers, as well as website design tips for small business.

For maintaining a uniform design line in the web site and for conveying the user a feeling that he is still browsing the company’s site, a clean, neat design line that clearly conveys messages is to be used.

The same clear and neat design line is to be used for clearly conveying messages and maintaining a uniform template for the company, despite branching into different subjects and fields.

The internal pages in the web site are to be designed based on the principles by which the main pages have been built and designed, with changes required by subjects, e.g. in the case of reports, events, explanations, technical specifications, etc., but all these are to be performed at the work stages based on a detailed characterization in conjunction with the company.

How to design a web page?

Here are the main elements for creating a professional inner pages layout:

• Dividing the page into a number of main areas, which emphasize design and text messages. The same applies to the intro page.

• A specific area for downloading files that are relevant to the issue the user is in.

• A specific area for links relevant to the issue for locating further information on the issue that the user is in.

• A secondary browsing menu is an index that opens to a second level of links in the selected sector.

• Browsing menu to internal links in the selected sector, reports, articles, clips, etc.

• Browsing reference. Display of references to the user on his location at each stage of the site and browsing bars to and from each place in the site.

• Options for printing pages, sending pages to friends, etc.

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