Joomla fix: SWmenuPro active item

Is your SWmenuPro active item acting funny?
Not to worry – It’s easy to fix.

You could edit the /modules/mod_swmenupro/styles.php file at line 45:

$str.=$swmenupro['main_font_color']?" color: ".$swmenupro['main_font_color']."  !important  ; \n":"";

Remove the “!important” there and that will fix it!

Or – and you should be careful here since this is not reversible – you could change the “load style sheet” to link external, then press “export” then use the manual style sheet editor.

Remove the !important after the color CSS for this class shown here:

.click-menu61 .inbox1,
.click-menu61 .inbox1:visited ,
.click-menu61 .inbox1:active ,
.click-menu61 .inbox1:link
 padding: 7px 5px 7px 0px   !important  ;
width:164px  !important  ;
 font-size: 11px  !important  ;
 font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif  !important  ;
 text-align: right  !important  ;
 font-weight: normal  !important  ;
 color: #6E6E6E   ;
 text-decoration: none  !important  ;
 margin-bottom:0px  !important  ;
 display:block  !important  ;
 white-space:nowrap  !important  ;

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