Rollmops Tube Squeezer


These Rollmops are not German pickled herring fillets, although they do have a fishy design. Whether it’s toothpaste or a saucy condiment, with this colorful tube squeezer nothing will go to waste anymore – Rollmops to the rescue! Continue reading

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Bonnie’s Pick Baking Pan


If you’re looking to put in a bit of excitement to an ordinary cake, check out Bonnie’s pick round-shape, silicone baking pan, from Konstantin Slawinski. Continue reading

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Noooodle Measure & Trivet


I am a pasta person myself; give me a large, steaming bowl of noodles with anything on it and I’m happy. However, not every meal requires feeding a large group of hungry friends… Continue reading

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Flipper Measuring Tools


No more fumbling for multiple measuring sets, while busy baking in the kitchen or rushing to put dinner on the table, because these colorful cups and spoons flip over into various, handy measurement cooking tools. Continue reading

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Presto Pizzazz: Home Pizza Maker


The Presto Pizzazz revolving pizza oven lets you create a restaurant quality pizza in the comfort of your own home. With its exclusive RotaBake technology, the rotating tray continually turns the pizza under heat to assure even baking, top and bottom, taking half the time of a conventional oven – who thought a rotating countertop oven be any better than a standard oven when it comes to making pizza? Continue reading

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Butter Boy: Your New Kitchen Buddy


This little guy is called Butter Boy and he is your new kitchen buddy (he also has a sister, Butter Girl, only she comes with a floral apron).

You know how you’re at a picnic or barbecue or simply at home and you’re trying to slather your corn with some buttery goodness… But wait, the heat of the corn always makes the butter fall off your knife as you try to slather it on. That’s where you need Butter Boy! Continue reading

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Leaf Shear: Making Salad With a Snip


At first I didn’t know what this green thingy was, however its bright leafy green color and simple design made me go and do a little searching, after all we love new kitchen gadgets – the weirder the better! Continue reading

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PalmPeeler: Slide, Tuck, Peel.


Remember we told you about the nifty Palm Zester? Well, here’s another great gadget from Chef’n for your kitchen, it’s called the PalmPeeler and it’s fabulous. Continue reading

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Palm Zester: Makes Zesting a Breeze


Every kitchen needs this nifty little zester from Chef’n. It has an ergonomic design that fits snugly in your palm and around your fingers with a secure, rubber grip, making zesting a breeze. Continue reading

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Pot Clip Spoon Rest


No more wiping messy drips from your counter or stove top while you cook. This handy space-saving kitchen gadget from Trudeau is called the Pot Clip Spoon Rest, and that is exactly what it does – it attaches securely to the edge of most saucepans and stockpots, keeping your stirring spoon or spatula at the ready, while allowing any drips to fall back into your pot or pan. Continue reading

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