spaghetti measure trivet 2 - Noooodle Measure & Trivet

Noooodle Measure & Trivet


I am a pasta person myself; give me a large, steaming bowl of noodles with anything on it and I’m happy. However, not every meal requires feeding a large group of hungry friends…

Designed by Konstantin Slawinski, Noooodle is not only a great cooking tool but a must have item for your kitchen. Both stylish and practical, this cool item is designed as a twisted spaghetti made of chrome, featuring four loops to measure the right portion for 1 to 4 people and so taking out the guesswork from cooking pasta.


You can also use Noooodle as a decorative trivet while serving your steaming hot pasta dish – It’s always a treat to find something so simple, so good-looking, and so useful as this kitchen gadget!


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