Tea gift baskets and the Teastick

tea-gift-baskets-teastickHere is a great tea gift basket idea for a delightful tea drinking experience. It’s called the Teastick and it’s been designed by North Carolina based, Gamil Design retail brand Gamila.

The Teastick is a stainless steel fresh tea leaves infuser, reflecting the aesthetic of traditional loose tea service.

It has an intuitive “scoop-slide-steep” functionality and it’s durable enough for industrial use with a none breakable mechanisms.

tea-gift-baskets-teastickThe Teastick is perfect for medium sized full-leaf teas, while fitting nicely into glasses and mugs ideal for a 10-14oz perfect cup of tea. I’m sure it will make a great addition for the ultimate tea gift basket for all tea enthusiasts.

Tea Stickir?t=busyboo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000T8DIIY - Tea gift baskets and the Teastick

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