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Ratio Coffeemaker: Classical, Technological, Delicious

As a coffee lover and design fanatic, the Ratio Coffeemaker is just a perfect marriage of caffeine and art. Rejecting both the stark utility of cheap coffeemakers that have no kind of aesthetic whatsoever, and blending the habit of treating a cup of coffee like a gourmet meal, the Ratio Coffeemaker by Mark Hellweg is just tremendous.

Thanks to some serious research, the Ratio Coffeemaker brews coffee at a consistent temperature, and it distributes water over all the grounds instead of a big divot right in the middle, making a rounder flavor.

The Ratio has also been designed to give the appealing “Bloom” of hand-poured coffee, which is said to enhance the overall flavor of a cup, all by some serious electronic calculations.

You’d never know that The Ratio was such a technological tool. It’s design is actually quite classical looking and doesn’t appear to even have any electronic functions. Glass and wood paneling a prominent, but the indicator lights and buttons are very discrete.

Like a good cup of coffee, The Ratio looks easy but is in fact very serious and very complex. But all you need to do is push a button and enjoy the flavor of your favorite brew.

Photography courtesy of Ratio.

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