coffee mug keepcup 50x50 - KeepCup Reusable coffee mugs: Hug a Mug, on the move

KeepCup Reusable coffee mugs: Hug a Mug, on the move


Using the power of ‘brand in hand’ to drive sustainable reuse behavior in the to-go market, the KeepCup is a covetable, personalizable reusable coffee mug. In four sizes from XS to L, there is a KeepCup for every espresso and pumpkin Frappuccino, plus everything in between.

Made from recycled polymer, the KeepCup is built of 4 modules, with a fuss-free chic beaker aesthetic. A lid tops the no-handle mug, and the product is finished with a rubber band (heatproof and grippy), plus a swiveling pop-out plug to seal when full.

Maybe the best thing for the user though is the ability to customize the color of each part (literally hours of fun). Once done you can chuck it in your bag, without any fear of breakage, and wash in the dishwasher ready for tomorrow.


From an environmental impact side, it is really well thought through – the energy used for production is low (you only need to use it 15 times, and the impact is lower than disposable cups), it can be recycled (to a degree) and it is lightweight and stackable for efficient logistics.

AND – you can get money off your hot beverages in major coffee chains!

Choose between a hot pink and white milkshake cup, or a sleek black and maroon espresso vial, all the while knowing you’re at the vanguard of a smart new consumerism.

Dimensions; XS 120ml, S 227ml, M 340ml, L 454ml.


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