designchain - Creative storage solutions Designchain

Creative storage solutions Designchain

Creative storage solutions Designchain

This creative storage solution for your home or anywhere else for that matter is called the Designchain – a hard-wearing, stylish multi-functional highly creative storage device inspired by the fluid dynamics of a bicycle chain.

This creative storage solution can easily be divided, multiplied and shaped to suit any living space imaginable. From storing wine bottles to magazines; cellphones to keys; Place it in your kitchen, living room or bathroom, the Designchain can fit your lifestyle almost anywhere.

It is crafted from crystal clear polycarbonate plastic allowing you to see its content from anywhere in your room. It is also extremely durable, yet lightweight and 100% recyclable – making it an environmentally friendly product.

The Designchain has no end. Because of its modular construction you can easily use it as standing units, stacked or wall-mounted storage solutions. It’s a great solution for the compact house or small home owner. You can use it as small units or attach it to another Designchain unit and create a sculptural shelving solution – The possibilities are endless for this creative storage solution.



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