modular steel shelving vgp 800x596 - Croquet Shelving Wall

Croquet Shelving Wall

Let’s face it, storage can be pretty dull, although Michael Marriott found a way to make it an engaging game. His wall shelving is a modern deconstructed croquet set. When I was a child, our family croquet set was colorfully painted wood. For me, the equipment was more fun than the game! The wooden balls were wrapped with a wide painted stripe, each ball wearing a different color. Mallets were ornate with spindle-like turned shafts and heads, all accented with multiple colored stripes. The hoops were simply arched metal tubes.

This playful shelving is composed of sheet steel shelves, with oppositely folded edges. Those colorful stripes are now flattened as the shelf colors that race between the stainless steel hoops, also known as wickets. The primary colors of yesterday are freshened up to grey white, sulphur yellow, anthracite grey, and light blue.

The hoops extend out and support the painted steel shelves from oak uprights. This reminds me of the upright wooden croquet set storage units. The mallets were held within two wooden uprights and the heads rested on notched out boards. Available in three hoop and five hoop sets, there are enough options for the whole family to get in the game.




Design: Michael Marriott
Photography courtesy of VG&P

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