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Cool Christmas Tree Decor


Would you like to celebrate this year’s Christmas with your favorite TV characters? Decorate your Christmas tree with South Park and Family guy miniature tree ornaments – They are sooo cool! Now, I am always on the lookout for fresh Christmas decor, so when I found these cool Christmas tree ornaments, I told myself: these will be awesome for this year’s Christmas tree!

Christmas is a time for celebration and laughter; it’s time to lighten up your Christmas tree with fun stuff and show your friends and family your sense of humor.

christmas-tree-decorCheck out this cool set of five miniature tree ornaments from South Park hit TV show; it includes five different plastic South Park figurines: Frozen Kenny, Cartman holding a present, Kyle with Mr. Hankie, Stan by a Christmas Tree, and Chef holding cookies – each stands about 2″ tall …aren’t they awesome?

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Wait! There’s more…

christmas-tree-decorIf you’re a Family Guy fan, you can celebrate your Christmas with a set of 3 Family Guy Christmas ornaments: Stewie, Brian the Dog and Peter Griffin. They come ready-to-hang on a gold cord, so all you need to do is hang ‘um high, how cool is that?

Order Family Guy Christmas tree ornamentsir?t=busyboo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - Cool Christmas Tree Decor


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