bird clothes hangers2 - Bird Clothes Hangers That Will Chirp You Up

Bird Clothes Hangers That Will Chirp You Up


A clothes hanger is a clothes hanger. According to Wikipedia their design was inspired around 1869, they come in three basic styles and are made of metal, wood or plastic. All I can add is that for me hangers may be a functional item for storage and organizing, however their design is not always very inspiring. Luckily for me the designers at MicroWorks Web think differently, they took the humble hanger and gave it a fresh new look.

Available in yellowish-green, dark blue, purple and orange, each hanger has a cute parrot perched on its hook. So now my closet is filled with these delightful birds that don’t need feeding or taking care of, they add a little color and humor and always cheer me up, something like a quick shot of optimism whenever I go for my coat.

For me it’s always fun finding regular, everyday objects that have been redesigned with a twist and these cute birds certainly send me chirping.



* All images courtesy of MicroWorks Web

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