face mug cookies 2 - The Face Mug: Cute And Personal

The Face Mug: Cute And Personal


OK, I have a confession to make, I am one of those people who can’t resist all those mugs with the cute/humorous/personalized messages. I have a shelf full of mugs that I don’t use but can’t bring myself to throw out because they each have a story and instead of being “a useful object” they have become “meaningful”. Some of them I bought myself but most were given to me as a present.

The newest addition to my collection is The Face Mug. It was given to me by my daughter and is currently my “special mug”. I actually like this unique mug so much that I bought one for all my colleagues at the studio.

The size holds just the right amount of coffee and the “built-in” cookie shelf is great for those coffee breaks and brainstorming sessions we take during the day, and when clients come in it is a nice conversation piece. The Face Mug always seems to be friendly and helps me “jump start” my day.



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