salt pepper shakers shark - Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers: A Fishy Concept

Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers: A Fishy Concept


When we speak about design it basically means thinking outside the box, bringing shapes and spontaneous associations into life. The Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers are an original combination of an inspirational idea that is designed to tell us a story or use shapes that we know in a completely different context. Made of glazed slip cast ceramic, the shark fin shaped salt and pepper shakers will definitely spice up your table setting – a duo that will bring to your table a fishy concept, one that will make you shake…

It doesn’t take too much to shake things up a bit. We mostly have to use our imagination and then it’s a smooth ride. With just a little bit of creativity, one set of shakers could make an entire twist on your dining table and bring it to life. In spite of the fact that most of us view a dinning table as a place to eat and nothing more, there is in fact, something we can do to give it an extra zest and flavor. Just a little touch of imagination and inspiration by the Finn Salt & Pepper Shakers and the food tastes better, see?



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