rubiks cube shaker2 50x50 - Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers: An Easy Twist

Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers: An Easy Twist


Remember the Rubik Cube game? We used to play with it for hours, twisting and turning until we got it right. Well, the idea of twisting and turning is pretty much the same over here – you want some salt and pepper? Start twisting.

The Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers will bring a flare of whimsy to your dinning table. Each cube is built around a high-quality ceramic grinding mill. The top layer of the cube rotates to operate the mill. It can be adjusted to grind fine, or coarse. Whether it is salt, pepper or both – all you have to do is twist.

Sometimes I wish everything would go back to being just the way it was. Simpler times, when kids played with an actual toy, and not something on their personal laptop or mobile phone.

The Rubik Cube was the best selling toy in all times, with more than 300,000,000 cubes being sold world wide. It represents more than that, it represents a different era, and in many ways, a simpler era. I’d like my kids to know this era, if they don’t get to live it, the least I can do is let them know about it, and this fun item is a cool way to tell the story of a different time. It is playful to have on your dinner table and it is certainly a very original gift to give to anyone. Anyway you look at it – it is a great idea.



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