salt pepper grinder twin 22 50x50 - Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder: Spicy Duo

Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder: Spicy Duo


‘Did you see the salt? Where is the pepper’? Sounds familiar? It seems like whenever you need the salt & pepper the most, they either ran out or gone missing from the table. Bodum’s Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder is the perfect solution for this everlasting problem – as it has both salt and pepper in one grinder.

And, that’s not all – it has adjustable grind mechanisms to change coarseness of the salt or pepper; it is very easy to use especially because of clear compartments showing when the grinder needs to be refilled. The Twin’s shape is round on top and elliptical at the bottom, combining the ergonomically correct shape for hands. Now that you have both salt and pepper available with a fine designed grinder, life seams more, spicy…

Sometimes it is all about the efficiency of one product, as simple as that. I really like the fact that you have two units combined in one grinder, very easy to handle and to re-fill.

It also comes in fabulous colors so anyone can take their pick, whatever suits your dining table or your own personal taste. You know what, it’s also perfect for taking it out for a picnic, as you have two in one set. Simply rotate one direction for salt and the other one for pepper. Simple, easy, efficient. Perfect.



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