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Hario V60 Buono Kettle Pour-Over Coffee: Being A Snob Never Tasted So Good


Good morning fellow coffee lovers, we now have another way to make coffee, it may not be new but it is gaining popularity: the pour-over method.

I was quite content making my coffee with a filter cone and a drip device – boiling water over freshly ground coffee then letting it slowly steep and drip while I do something else (usually sit and stare and count the drips…). Then I found out that if I pour the water over the grinds I would get a much improved cup of coffee. Seeing as I am willing to do almost anything for a good cup of coffee I started researching the subject. So this is what I found out about the perfect cup of pour-over coffee:

To maximize extraction I need to pour the water over the grind in a thin, continuous stream. The taste of the coffee varies according to the flow of water – if I pour quickly I get a lighter taste, if I want more depth of flavor I need to pour more slowly. The process takes from one to four minutes.

It actually took me a while to master the technique because the water level should never rise above the grind. You need a steady hand to first wet them then pour the water in a slow steady stream using a circular movement so that the rising grounds of coffee stay saturated but not submerged.


If you’re into “serious pour-over coffee brewing” like me, you should use the Hario V6 Buono pour-over kettle. This Japanese kettle is designed for precision, which is the key to success. It has a narrow spout that lets you easily pour a thin steady stream and a bee-hive shape for an aligned balance and better control which means you pour with your arm not with your wrist.


To get the perfect cup, Hario also have a unique cone – the V60. I have found out that when I use this cone along with Hario filters they do actually make a far superior coffee. It seems this has to do with the 60° angle of the cone, the ridges and opening which are different from the conventional cones. The kettle is made of stainless-steel and can be used directly on any IH range, electric or gas stove and is dishwasher safe. The cone is either ceramic or glass and comes in several colors and sizes.

To quote a critic: “the result is coffee with a clean, round and fruity taste with complex layers and gradations of flavor” or in other words: “wow, really good tasting coffee and I can make it at home!”


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