bottles storage fridge monkey 2 - Fridge Monkey: stack 'em up

Fridge Monkey: stack ’em up


You know when you’re back from the store, trying to place all the drinks you just bought in the fridge and it just doesn’t fit? There’s not enough room, the bottles won’t lay down properly and there’s always one bottle that gets away and starts rolling out of control. Fridge Monkey to the rescue!

This flexible rubber mat is designed to maximize storage space in your fridge by stacking bottles and cans and stopping them from rolling around.

Fridge Monkey offers an ideal storage for 10 beer bottles, soft drink cans, 5 wine bottles, or any other combination that fits your mood and lifestyle. Sometimes all you need is a simple yet brilliant idea to sort out an annoying problem. You can choose your color: blue, red, cream and charcoal. Now all you have to do is arrange your drinks all in one place.




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