kitchen storage chests rh - Dishware Storage Chests: keep 'em safe

Dishware Storage Chests: keep ’em safe


Holidays and special occasions require special servings. Special servings require the best storage space – a uniquely design box that will store your dishware and dinnerware, keeping them safe and in mint condition, like Richards Homewares Storage Chests.

These storage chests are both efficient and elegant, offering the perfect way to protect your fine china and your best dishware. Each box features side handles and content cards for easy labeling – so no memory games nor guessing are involved whenever you need to use your special china.

No more stashing delicate wine glasses and porcelain dinner plates in an old carton box in the back of a kitchen cupboard. These boxes will keep your dishes safe and accessible whenever you need them, while adding a touch of style to your home design.




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