storage jars arabica - Arabica Storage Jars: a practical little work of art

Arabica Storage Jars: a practical little work of art


These days it seems we need more storage solutions then ever…
Why, you ask? Simple, because we buy and collect more stuff, and at some point we need to find a place for all these items, so we can buy even more. But enough about consumerism culture… Today I found the most charming glass storage jars for my kitchen, called Arabica – perfect for storing and displaying various spices, unique tea blends and exotic coffee.

Designed by Maria Berntsen for Holmegaard, the Arabica collection is whimsical yet elegant in form – a practical little work of art.

The round glass container reminds me of a puffed up snowman with a small circular opening on top; a tightly sealed cap cover keeps everything fresh. Available in various sizes: 13.5 oz., 23.7 oz., 40.6 oz. Dishwasher safe.




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