valet hanger kammerdiener 5 - Kammerdiener him & her: a modern approach to servants?

Kammerdiener him & her: a modern approach to servants?


Anything that pays respect to the union of female and male leaves me with a sense of unity, calm and completion. Take this simple yet wonderus concept, combine it with effortless, sleek design and my heart has been forever won.

What am talking about? The “him” and “her” versions of Stadtnomaden valets designed by Linda Altmann. Kammerdiener is the German word for “Valet”, which means nothing else but male servant. The company has taken the whole concept a step away by producing the same design, with slight differences in the shape of the arms edges. The male and female version of them.

These valets made of untreated, solid ash, feature incredibly minimal, clean lines, ready to serve you and guests with their coats – and not only – just about anywhere. From domestic environments, to offices, even to hotels. From the sleeping room, to the entrance and why not in the bathroom, stylishly holding towels.


The design’s brilliancy lies in the fact that as separate pieces, they simply need to be leaned against a wall to start providing you with their services.No attachment whatsoever required. Isn’t that ingenious? Thanks to the legs’ shape combined with rubber feet, the valet is ensured to be stably positioned.
But only until you decide to combine two pieces together, him and her, by fitting the front arms into one another.A simplified chair or stool is formed, which has the ability to receive a tray made of steel in white color. Perfect for your wallet, keys, cuff links or anything else usually carried in your jacket’s or coat’s pockets.

Whichever your choice might be, these valets will prove to be among the most stylish and discrete servants you could have ever imagined to have.





* More info at stadtnomaden

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