storage trunk blackhawk5 50x50 - Blackhawk Secretary trunk: nostalgia

Blackhawk Secretary trunk: nostalgia


Anyone nostalgic of the 20s here? Despite the fact that I don’t consider myself nostalgic of any period than the actual one we are currently living in – mostly as a result of the principle of living in the “here and now” and concentrating in the present, I did felt attracted to this unusual secretary trunk. Distributed by Restoration Hardware and bearing the name Blackhawk, I particularly like its matte aluminum finish, which is in fact all made by hand, aiming at a slightly distressed and vintage look. There are intentional nicks, dings, small scratches and other imperfections all contributing to the character and uniqueness of each one of them.

When you take a look a it, could it be that this trunk reminds you of the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of mid century aircraft I think its rounded corners, the patchwork of polished aluminum panels and especially the exposed steel screws manage well in doing that. Blackhawk’s skeleton is made from solid wood, while its many drawers are all lined with black cotton canvas. Quite appropriate for the occasion.



Measuring 77′ high, 30′ depth and 41′ width, this secretary trunk can be folded into one piece, hiding away your office when you don’t need it around. I guess it could also make it possible to roll it to another room, though its weight of 525 lbs {238 kilos} warns that it will not be a piece of cake. I’d rather suggest therefore that it is kept open in the chosen place in your living spaces.



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