steel bookcase veliero2 50x50 - Veliero Bookcase by Cassina: sail away

Veliero Bookcase by Cassina: sail away


The Veliero shelving unit, a part of Cassina’s I Maestri collection, is a re-creation of the unique bookcase designed by architect Franco Albini in 1940. This classic piece of furniture – made in a limited edition of 50 – has been inspired by the world of sailing and suspension bridges, featuring a metal base clad in ash wood, glass shelves, and a circular cross-section bar for extra stability and load capacity.

Karl Lagerfeld – a legendary fashion designer, illustrator, publisher and photographer – has collaborated with the famous furniture brand Cassina for a photographic project, featuring Veliero amongst other beautiful pieces of furniture.

The photos will be on show from 1st of February at the Cassina Showroom in Paris, 236 boulevard Saint-Germain.







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