modular shelf el3 50x50 - EL: Table, Bookcase, Cabinet, What?

EL: Table, Bookcase, Cabinet, What?


Designed by Konstantin Slawinski, the EL is a shapeshifter if it is a piece of furniture. Combination bookcase, table, cabinet, drawer, and counter, it is a chameleon of a desktop utility. The EL’s sectional module gives you the ability to shape and reshape the pieces to whatever configuration you need.

Each section of the EL will conform to another, making a uniform shape. It can be rearranged to hold magazines and books, a few of your sketchpads, and will come with small magnets to hold your to-do lists.



In flat colors that add to the utilitarian beauty of the EL, like a basic blue, red, or white, it is a design that makes me wonder why anyone likes styles other than these.

All it takes is a simple idea, a simple way to add a little bit of customization, and there’s something near perfection in industrial design.



Photography courtesy of Konstantin Slawinski.

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