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Basketbin: The Bin Within a Bin


In this age of multi-purpose devices, smartphones and the like, there should be no reason why we still have two trash receptacles, one for waste and one for recycling. The Basketbin by Konstantin Slawinski was designed to simplify our disposal, combining food waste and recycling into one utility.

Recycled papers are unusable if their mixed around with scraps of banana peels or apple cores, so the two types of waste are still kept separate in the Basketbin. But a little more space can be saved with the “bin within a bin.”


The main design of the Basketbin is a fence-like receptacle in which you can toss your crumpled notes, bills, and torn-open envelopes. Within this, there is a smaller, detachable bin that holds all the “wet” waste. This smaller bin is fitted with a sealed cover and is dishwasher safe when you finally clean the coffee grounds from the sides.


The small bin is available in a red, green, or black finish, and the big basket can come in gray or white. I assume the Basketbin won the reddot design award in 2010 because it is so simple but perfectly effective. A stunning, modern, conservative design doesn’t hurt either.


Photography courtesy of Konstantin Slawinski.

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